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  1. vfem

    Raising Muscovies

    Got my hands on some ducklings this year. So we've added Lavender Muscovies to our every growing pens. Out of 5 ducklings though, we ended up with 4 drakes. I already have a chocolate ribbed drake and hen. So these 4 boys have to go, so cute though! :) Can't wait to hatch more in the spring...
  2. vfem

    Rudy, the survivor

    I come back here, after who knows how long.... and I'm staring and talking about naked chicken!? twisted guys, twisted! lol Just kidding, Rudy has an awesome story. :D
  3. vfem

    How do I know when the watermelon is ready?

    Ooooh... I did some reading of reviews on the orange glo melons, and there were very specific mentions of the 'pale flesh' from the ones grown and sold in 2011 and 2012. I think it was specific to the seeds they sold at that time. Glad I did the research.
  4. vfem

    How do I know when the watermelon is ready?

    Hey Carol, I got a message from Mary earlier... I know, I'm so terrible about socializing lately! lol PLEASE forgive me! My watermelon never got as dark orange as the pictures online show the melon on Baker's creek site. They got so very much of the 'white rine' which is totally edible up to...
  5. vfem

    First signs of spring

    Wow.... there was snow just north of us yesterday. Not like a state away, just like north of our county! My husband said the snow was whipping by him at work about an hour or so away. Its sunny today, but high of 41 and whipping winds. I'm watching the peach blossoms whip off of my peach trees...
  6. vfem

    Lighting for starts

    If I had a tanning bad I would have gone that route, what was I thinking passing up one of those on Craigslist!!?? lol So far my plants are going well. I got a little carried away and adding more plants. Then I went and got chicks... they're all taking over the spare bathroom. Guests no longer...
  7. vfem

    Super awesome food preserving website!

    Thank you Journey! I've bookmarked the page. Sorry I'm so back about getting my booty over here. :P
  8. vfem

    Lighting for starts

    I lowered the light more then what it shows there, but already my cabbage is leggy and touching the light that is only like 1-1.5" about the starts? That's what I was trying to keep from happening. I was hoping that huge mirror would be of some help. lol You're set up looks fine to me, and the...
  9. vfem

    Lighting for starts

    Here's my light set up the day I got it done, I haven't taken another photo since I got the seeds going and they're sprouted. This was probably 2 weeks ago or so. Nothing impressive I don't start much at home except my special tomatoes, chilis and my cabbage/cauliflower because I hate paying for...
  10. vfem

    New Hoop House for the horse! (pict heavy)

    Nicely done! LOVE it. :D
  11. vfem

    First signs of spring

    We got Tulips and daffodils poking out... I was so excited just to see that. Then Driving my daughter to school yesterday I saw someone with a whole CLUMP of completely blooming daffodils at the end of the driveway. OMG, so lucky!!!
  12. vfem

    Lighting for starts

    Ok, I set up an awesome light system for my starts this year. Total cost "$12"! But the bulb I had on hand is wrong. Its a natural light tube light, but its only 20 watts and its not cutting it. What kind of bulb and wattage do I need to supply my babies with enough light to grow strong and not...
  13. vfem

    That special fruit/veggie choice 2014?

    I don't know what zone you are in?
  14. vfem

    PLEASE help me--haven't had ANY squash survive in years

    I'm told here constantly that sven is the answer! NO WAY! Well, this is what I found. I had to let a lot go because the borers would get EVERYTHING. For aphids and the moths that lay the eggs for the borers, I do sprinkle with DE when I can. Only works a little bit, but some is better then...
  15. vfem

    Identify Jasmine, Please!

    I think Lavender is right, I would say its the primrose or japanese variety. I actually thought that is what I bought from a labelled vine years ago. Turned out to be honey suckle instead! lol
  16. vfem

    That special fruit/veggie choice 2014?

    WOW! That is amazing. I've only crossed and kept varities of tomatoes that I have loved. I've come up with a WONDERFUL grape tomato we love. But my record keeping is horrible on what was used, I only know we used an Esther's cherry to get it. I grows true now and that's good enough for me. I...
  17. vfem

    The New Asparagus Bed

    It's my second year with my asparagus bed! I'll get my first harvest this year if it all went well. I only had 4 roots out of the 8 I planted that came up, but they all produced thick gorgeous ferns last year. I Know for sure 1 is female and it produced berries last year. I think the other 3 are...
  18. vfem


    Rabbits, I forget what zone you are in?
  19. vfem

    Catalogs are Rolling in!

    Hubby is saving me a lot! This year I made a decision to cut out my business for this year. I will literally not open my business until September. I want to give more time to my garden. I'm glad I could cut out some of my business to put my time into what brings me joy, I need more joy and less...
  20. vfem

    That special fruit/veggie choice 2014?

    Hal, I would love to hear about your pea crosses? Do you have a thread about that project. I do so enjoy peas, but it gets too hot too fast here and some varieties died well before they produce much. I found one snap pea that I just LOVE it does amazingly well in the spring, but not in the fall...