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  1. peteyfoozer

    There’s no place like home!

    Heath and I are back in California!! We spent almost 2 months stayin at the home of one of our employers and now live in a travel trailer at the home of the partners, until the new business is up and ready for me to move in. I’ve gone from barely walking, to walking freely short distances and...
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    The Heathen and I are visiting friends from n Lebanon, OR and have been bowled over by the astonishingly beautiful hydrangeas all over this town!!! I have failed was th them multiple time in zone 7 California. My coveting level have hit expert this week
  3. peteyfoozer

    Close call

    thanks guys! It was real scary but thankfully no loss of livestock or structures and the dry pastures did not catch on fire. THe boss will have to purchase hay to replace the thousand tons we lost. A whole summer of growing cutting, baling and stacking gone to waste, but it could have been...
  4. peteyfoozer

    Close call

    So, the other night the Heathen and I woke up at midnite and kept getting a whiff of smoke. shortly after, there was an orange glow in the windows. Apparently a hot bale caught on fire and the 6 haystacks, which held about 100 tons of hay each (enough to feed 4,000 cows though the winter) were...
  5. peteyfoozer

    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    Are these plants you purchased or did you propagate them yourself? Love the variety and colors!
  6. peteyfoozer


    I am being transplanted from SE Oregon to S Calif in a couple of months. I will be living in a mobile trailer and managing a new Equestrian Center. I don't know how much I will be allotted for a yard, but I so very much want to take some of my plants with me! I have a couple of roses I want to...
  7. peteyfoozer

    Just Hatched Ducklings

    You can give them chick feed but make sure it is NOT medicated
  8. peteyfoozer


    Yeah, he’s a purebred registered ES. His registered name is the Happy Heathen of Shepherds Way. He lives up to it!
  9. peteyfoozer

    I saw daughter putting away her rifle ```

    They are also bold. When I lived in town, one snatched my neighbor’s West Highland Terrier not 20 ft from where we stood talking!
  10. peteyfoozer


    Heath gets lots of deer legs and antelope legs along with knuckle bones from our beef. He also eats whole rabbit but eats those bones rather than chews on them :p He’s an English Shepherd what ch is a type of old style farm collie. I’m sold on the breed after having him and getting to know...
  11. peteyfoozer

    This is Luke

    Hard to tell much from just 1 picture but she looks pretty cute!
  12. peteyfoozer

    Propagating roses

    Further south. I will be in Tehachapi, God willing
  13. peteyfoozer


    actually, he has a "Cleverpet Hub" its like a video game for dogs :weeePlus, he is able to open the back door to let himself in and out...and he also lets the big dogs in when I want them out...but he keeps himself entertained, thankfully! I do like the stuffed kong idea though. I will have to...
  14. peteyfoozer


    He surely is my BFF. He’s at my side 24/7 of his own volition. The only time we’ve been separated was during surgery, but he was waiting in my hospital room for me ❤️
  15. peteyfoozer


    The Heathen has been bored, as I haven't been very active today. But he's not one to remain idle. As I rested, unbidden, he brought me a kleenex, a paper plate, a pillow, a shoe and out of consideration, so as not to put me to any trouble, he brought me his tub of snackies so I could pay him for...
  16. peteyfoozer

    How Bad Is A bite From Pony

    well, they can take your finger off if they grab it...or an ear...and i had a weanling filly nearly give me a mastectomy once, so if you aren't an experienced handler, I'd pass
  17. peteyfoozer

    Sour Dough Starter ~ let's see how it goes ```

    and for good measure, Cinnamon Rolls. I make these the day before and cut them, putting them in pan to rise overnight so I can just bake them in the morning. Herman sourdough cinnamon rolls A Herman is a sweeter sourdough. I make mine by taking a cup or two of starter and feeding it equal...
  18. peteyfoozer

    Sour Dough Starter ~ let's see how it goes ```

    and the. best. pancakes. EVER! SOURDOUGH PANCAKES Ingredients: ● 1 cup starter-freshened day before ● 2-3 Tbl sugar ● 2 Tbl melted butter or oil ● 1/4-1/2 cup flour ● 1/4 cup powdered milk, dissolved in 1/8 c water ● 1/2 tsp bake soda ● 2 egg yolks just before baking: ● 2 egg whites...
  19. peteyfoozer

    Sour Dough Starter ~ let's see how it goes ```

    I’ll be happy to post them!! Here is the waffle recipe, and they look much better than the picture and are always a big hit with guests. I often use hard red wheat flour that I milled and it gives it even more flavor...