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    Have you ever eaten/harvested smilax (greenbrier)?

    Part of my yard is a virtual garden of smilax that grows wild. I have been reading about how it is edible - you can harvest the stalks and prepare like asparagus - or green beans for the smaller ones. This is SO intriguing to me, but when i went to harvest, i think my plants are still too...
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    free trees from arbor day?

    Today i got a survey in the mail from the Arbor Day Foundation with promises for 11 free trees if i give them $10. Is it for real? I immediately sent my husband to the store for a money order. How can i not do this?! one crepe myrtle 3 dogwoods 3 redbuds 4 golden raintrees Anybody else get...
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    Where do you buy your seeds?

    I'm starting to realize how helpful a good seed catalog would be right now (or a couple of months ago), but i don't want to just google it. I would like recommendations. Cost is a concern, of course. But i don't want to get the smallest price just to get seeds that don't yield much. I would...
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    Are there TEG banners available to put on my blog to plug TEG?
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    Do you freeze your pies ahead of time?

    I'm thinking about Christmas. And i have fresh fruit now. So i'm thinking about making the whole pie - crust and everything - and then freezing it without baking so i can pull it out on the 23rd and bake it. But i've never done this before. Has anyone else? The one i'm thinking about now...
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    a very friendly butterfly

    A couple days ago, we were wandering around outside, and the neighbor boy, who was with us, came and showed us that he had caught a butterfly. When he let go of it, it immediately flew onto my husband and stayed on him until we came inside. Then it lit on the wall. After that i had forgotten...
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    yellow flower

    This plant is growing in a creek bed, and it's about 6 feet tall now (ish). When you rub your fingers on the stem they smell like Vick's Vapor Rub. It has a very distinct smell. I've looked on the LBJ search, and i've looked for yellow asters, which didn't match. Anyone recognize this?
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    Leaf from thorny tree

    Do you know what this is? It's from a small tree with large thorns. Very pretty tree. When i snapped the leaf off, it smelled sort of citrusy. It's still very very green even though the leaves are brown or on the ground from most of the deciduous trees around here. I thought it might be...
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    Please give me links to help me i.d. my weeds!

    I asked this in the middle of a thread once, but i think it got lost. Some of you have links to weed/flower/herb online identification keys, and i can't seem to find them. I can find (partly thanks to y'all) the tree keys, but the weed keys are avoiding me. Help please????
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    A question for JOe - And anyone else who might know or want to learn.

    About that palm tree you identified over there , i would like to give one to a dear plant trading fiend who we all know and love. However, when i started digging, i started to find that this baby's infrastructure is pretty intense. Translation: it's going to cost someone a couple of limbs...
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    mystery forest growth - solved - Texas Palm (Sabal mexicana)

    Haven't ever noticed any flowers involved, but sure looks like it should bloom something, doesn't it? :caf
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    mystery daisy weed - almost solved - some kind of aster

    I can tell that y'all are dying to look at more mystery plants and increase your learning, and i don't know what this is, so check it out. As you might imagine, this plant grows vertically when outside and planted in the ground, not horizontally as pictured. :rolleyes:
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    Help me i.d. this aggressive 'shrub.' -solved: Nandina domestica

    I think the previous owners put this in the ground on purpose. It's VERY well-rooted. And before i slaughter all of it, i thought it would be nice to find out what it is and if i want to keep it somewhere else on the property. In front of my porch isn't going to cut it. :D
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    Are the ants really hurting the compost?

    I started my compost pile in a rubbermaid container last spring-ish. But i haven't really been turning it....just adding to it. I've noticed that ants congregate whenever i put fresh kitchen stuff in it. But then they're gone after a few days.....after they've gotten the sugar out or whatever...
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    What about ivy?

    I have some very healthy cuttings from my mil's plant, which i think is Scindapsus aureus. It's doing wonderfully in my kitchen window, and since the english garden/shade garden appeals to me, i'm thinking about planting it outside in some places that need something to make them a little...
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    If anyone is interested in Redbud seeds..

    i have a Redbud tree that is going to get cut down soon. It is in the wrong place - and wasn't pruned property - and somehow they managed to make this redbud tree kind of ugly and in the way. BUT, the seed pods are looking ready to do something with, so if someone wants to start a redbud from...
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    Do you recognize these Jasmine seeds?

    I put these on my scanner again since my camera is still out of commission. Thank God for the scanner! Anyway, my plant-loving mil gave me these seeds; she picked them right off of a vine while i was standing there, and she said they were jasmine-but didn't know what kind of jasmine. As you...
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    New discovery: What should i do with all these muscadine vines????

    Visited my mil a couple weeks ago and as we were walking around the property talking about plants, she offhandedly mentioned her muscadine vines. When i looked at them, i thought, ' those look familiar. ' Turns out, i have SCADS of them! Pretty much anywhere the woods break to an opening...
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    Would you like to experiment with my Stevia seeds??

    I would have put this on the seed train, but i'm not sure how these will do, so i thought i would just offer to share. I cut down my stevia plant that i had let go way too long, and it has lots of seeded blossoms on it, which i separated. Stevia seeds are super super tiny, but i read that the...