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    What's eating my tomato plants?

    I'd guess voles too. But you should see evidence of tunneling. Perhaps baby rabbits, but the cuts aren't sharp as you would expect. Normally rabbits and deer will sample a tomato but not actually eat the plant which seems to be the case. Look for any evidence (I'm sure you have) like droppings...
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    Cottonwood Rose?

    Could it possibly be a Confederate rose, Hibiscus mutabilis? AKA cotton rose, among a few others.
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    Is it Down or Up, the Garden Path?

    Mary, you KNOW you want to start some plants from seed. Stop resisting. ;) The fun is in the trying and what you learn from it. And I agree with thistlebloom; you don't need a lot of fancy equipment.
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    low temp germination grass

    You might want to try annual winter rye. Just broadcast the seed and cover with a light layer of wheat straw or something similar just to hold the seed in place in case of heavy rain. I have good success with this in the past. As long as you mow in the spring before it has a chance to set seed...
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    Bee people, what are these things doing??

    That sounds like carpenter bees to me, if this is a rather large bee. The males just hang around showing off their aerial acrobatic skills and chasing off other males. The females are busy drilling holes in the nearest handy wood they can find to build a nest. Look for a little pile of sawdust.
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    It could be vfem. I have had it happen on occasion. I dig around a bit with a 3 prong cultivator and sometimes will find the guilty party. One trick I have used in the past was to just put 3 or 4 small twigs around the stem of the plants after I transplant. Same principle as a straw or tube...
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    Growing roses from rose hips

    I have tried it before with at least some success. In my case I didn't expect much and that is about what I got in terms of results. I read the link posted by canesisters, but my approach was a bit different. It has been some time since I researched it, but you want the hips to stay on the rose...
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    I've Rooted Fig Branches... Now What?

    Just my opinion, vfem, as I have never rooted fig cuttings in water, but I would probably wait until those nubs actually start showing the root just a bit more before potting them up. Maybe a few more days to a week? I use a mix of compost and potting soil for my transplants and that seems to...
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    Pollinizing Eggplant Flowers

    Actually I believe eggplant has a perfect flower, much like a tomato. You could try, I think, using a bloom from the same or another plant to pollinate the flowers. It has been some time since I have grown eggplant, so take this with a grain or shaker of salt. :) Maybe someone with more recent...
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    Sweet Autumn Clematis

    It has been my experience that S A Clematis is pretty resilient. I would think that it will regrow. Just have to familiarize the son of the lawn guy with what are weeds and what are plants you want to keep now! :rolleyes:
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    Affordable stone for patio?

    I don't know if you have a local stone yard in your area or not, but you will usually get a better price that way. It has been a while since I have priced stone, but Crab Orchard might be something you want to look into. It can be a bit fragile, but is also fairly light weight and comes in...
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    Can openers

    While it is a bit pricey, the Oxo can opener has got to be one of the best I have ever owned. Opens the side of the can and leaves a smooth edge. Plus, it was a gift, so it didn't cost me anything.
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    names for peas in georgia

    Sounds like you are talking about Lady peas. A southern cream pea and usually would be in the cow pea/southern pea section.
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    moving cedar trees

    Hi dinahmoe, Without seeing photo's, I would hazard a guess that they are Eastern red cedar, which is actually a juniper. Juniperus virginiana. Google that and see if it looks like the trees you have. Considering the size they are now I would say you could move them anytime other than late...
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    Control measures for an out of control wisteria?

    Ahhhhhhhhh.... wonderful wisteria. I too would like to know if you want to keep the plant itself. It sounds as though you would like to keep it, just prevent all those runners under the addition. Does the crawl space not have a moisture barrier over the bare earth? If this is the case, one...
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    Let it Snow!

    Sorry guys and gals. I just tried it in IE and it looks like it doesn't work on that browser. I know it works on Chrome (of course) and FF.
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    Let it Snow!

    Type Let it snow into a google search. Cursor wipes it away. That's my kind of snow! :)
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    Pecan Pie

    The pecans are in the filling, Mary. You can also put pecan halves on top of the pie to make it a bit more attractive if you want. Can't say I have ever had one that did not have pecans in the pie filling. Sounds like they probably did use a deeper pie crust (probably hand made) and a secret...
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    Pecan Pie

    Here's the one we make, Mary. Very similar to the one tinychicken posted. 3/4 C + 2 TBS light brown sugar 2 TBS all-purpose flour 1 TBS butter 1 C light corn syrup 3 eggs-beaten 1/4 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla 1 C pecans - chopped 1 9 inch pie shell Combine sugar and flour. Add butter - beat until...
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    Saving tomato seeds question.

    Interesting question. I have never tried, but it piqued my curiosity. I would think viable seed would be a very low percentage from seed collected. But, since you can find anything on the 'net nowadays: Can't hurt to try if it is a variety you...