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    Price increases and shortages

    my husband works for a car dealership and it’s the same there. Running out of cars because the new cars are still sitting at the manufacture waiting for the some kind of chips that again are coming from China.
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    Weed issues

    Is there something safe to add to my garden beds to get rid of these weeds? Every year I have this issue and it’s getting hard to keep pulling them. Throughout the summer it gets like this as well. Even my flower beds get this bad.
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    Zucchini issues

    What is causing the marks on the zucchini they all have these marks and how do I treat with whatever is eating holes on the leaves?
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    Sunflower seeds moldy

    I pulled out some seeds from a sunflower head, laid them out on a towel for a week and put them in a jar without a lid. All the seeds smell and are full of mold now. They been in the jar for two weeks. What did I do wrong?
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    Sunflower issues

    When do you cut the head of the sunflower for seeds? The sunflower is not dead yet but the flowers itself is rotting and soft in some spots of it. I did see the seeds are in there. I am new to sunflowers and was wanting to save seeds for next year and eat some as well. But not sure if it’s...