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  1. hoodat

    Elevated bed for herbs

    I no longer have a place to raise vegetables and probably wouldn't be physically able. I can still get down but it's Hell to get back up, but I have a strong urge to grow something. Even a weed would be welcome at this point. :( I was thinking of an elevated bed; sort of a table with sides that...
  2. hoodat

    Still alive and kicking

    I don't know how many members are still here who remember me but I'm still here. Unfortunately no longer gardening. After several strokes and a brain bleed I had to give up living alone and sell the house along with the garden. I'm now in a retirement facility here in the desert. Atria in Palm...
  3. hoodat

    I'm still here

    In case anyone still remembers me. I've had a couple of strokes and a rain bleed so it's hard for me to post but I still drop by now and then to see what you are all up to. I'm presently living at Atria ( a retiremrnt home) n Palm Desert, the driest part of California so gardening would be...
  4. hoodat

    The old man is back

    Been in rehab after a stroke so please cut me some slack on my posts. Billy
  5. hoodat

    Spanish lavender disappointment

    My Spanish lavender was always a bee magnet but I replanted it now that the drought is over and nary a bee has shown up so far. There is also some burnet and borage that came up from seed with the same lack of interest from the bees. Maybe four years of drought did them in.
  6. hoodat

    Chicken fraud?

    When you hear of free range chickens you picture happy biddies, scratching in the grass, eating bugs, seeds and whatever else there is to eat BUT Did you know that in order to be labeled free range chickens only need access to the outside for 5 minutes per day? People in maximum security prisons...
  7. hoodat

    Some surprising survivors

    I am pleasantly surprised by how many plant seeds survived our drought and came up on their own. I was able to get a good meal out of the Gailan by cutting them one by one out of the weeds. I like them in my miso soup. My rainbow chard came up but I am letting that go to seed for the Fall...
  8. hoodat

    I'm back

    I'm baaack! Don't even know where to start explaining why I've been gone so long. Four year drought just about halted my gardening and I've been fighting four years of weeds and weed seeds. Then there is the out of joint hip that kept me out of action for a month or so. Add a broken finger about...
  9. hoodat

    Question about weed killing plastic.

    I got a roll of heavy duty plastic to kill off the weeds in part of my garden. My question is, have you had better results with the ground wet or dry before putting it down?
  10. hoodat

    Gotta read this

    Don't forget it's from The Onion but I had a laugh at it.
  11. hoodat

    Just got my 6 year anniversary trophy.

    WOW! I've been here that long?
  12. hoodat

    Been so warm here

    It's more like late Spring than Winter. I'm considering skipping a Fall garden altogether and go right to a Summer garden.
  13. hoodat

    Turmeric roots available soon.

    My turmeric clump is just starting its yearly die back. The roots should be ready to dig in a few weeks. I only have a limited amount so PM me with your address if you want to reserve a start. I think I'll move it this Winter to give it some fresh soil. It's been in the same place over 5 years.
  14. hoodat


    With the high price of quinoa it is a good idea to grow your own seed. Quinoa is easily grown in most parts of the country. It is a tall columnar plant that can get to 5 feet or more depending on the variety. Separating out the chaff was a problem which I solved by hunting out colanders with...
  15. hoodat

    Still alive and kicking

    Sweet Miss Daisy sent me a card telling me some members are wondering what happened to me so I guess I'd better check in. My wife, as some of you know, is in a nursing home with Alzheimers. She's pretty far gone and 91 years old so she doesn't have a lot of time left. I've been spending as much...
  16. hoodat

    Quinoa well under way

    My Quinoa is up and about 5 feet tall. It is just beginning to head up and will probably be around 6 feet when it sets seed. Quinoa prefers to be planted in cool soil so planting time is just getting here for most of the country. It should be about the earliest seed you plant. I sow mine right...
  17. hoodat

    Ever wonder what cauliflower blossoms look like?

    In spite of the name cauliFLOWER few of us have ever seen it in bloom. I know I hadn't till I decided to let my purple cauliflower go to seed. I was surprised at how much difference there is between it and the other brassicas I had let flower.
  18. hoodat

    The power of poo

    Oh what that rabbit poo can do. My cabbage patch this morning. Some of the leaves are over 2 feet wide. The inside leaves are just starting to curl and form the cabbage heads.
  19. hoodat

    Anyone watching,"Farmed and Dangerous"?

    It's an anti agribusiness series available on Hulu. It uses comedy as a vehicle to expose the dirty tactics used by large agribusiness. Surprisingly it is being backed by the Chipotle restaurant chain.
  20. hoodat

    Giving back to the bees

    Kailaan greens are normally harvested when the first flower buds open but as soon as mine began flowering the bees discovered them. There are fewer bees around than there used to be but the ones still around are working their fuzzy little butts off the keep the hive going. I decided that crop...