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  1. MoonShadows

    What Didn't You Do?

    I still haven't gotten my melon and pumpkin seeds planted. I am also living on borrowed time since I haven't groundhog proofed my newest garden. I just hope they don't discover it before I finish.
  2. MoonShadows

    Mixture For Acid Soil

    I recently read that blueberries love coffee grounds.
  3. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    Ditto! My house built in 1840 has nothing considered "standard" by today's "norms". And, everything measures a different length on top from the bottom, or side to side. The floors and ceilings and all supports tilt one way or another. I can put a marble on the floor, and it doesn't stop rolling...
  4. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    Just another pacifier. :)
  5. MoonShadows

    Let's Talk About Heirloom Tomatoes

    Glad to hear about the Old German. The Brandywines are red. Not too happy about what you said about the Box Car Willies. I'll have to see how they do for me.
  6. MoonShadows

    Let's Talk About Heirloom Tomatoes

    ooJust Googled images of the Mortgage Lifer. Look like great slicing tomatoes...I'm think tomato sandwiches! I'm planting heirlooms for the first time, including Box Car Willies, Brandywines, Old German, Indigo Rose and Rapunzels. Anyone have experience with any of these? I can also chime in...
  7. MoonShadows

    Epsom Salt in the garden?

    Tomatoes and peppers are already planted for a few weeks. Can I put some on top of the soil and will it percolate into the soil as it rains?
  8. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    Somehow, from reading this thread, I get a sneaking suspicion that a lot of us would have liked to be born in the first half of the 20th century. I remember when we used to visit our grandparents on the farm in Virginia every summer they had a phone that would ring, but a different ring for...
  9. MoonShadows


    Don't tell my chickens that; they love ticks! Pretty soon, you won't be able to go outside anymore.
  10. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    A lot of people do that. I used to do that when no one else was home. Now, I talk and sing to the dog!
  11. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    We got rid of cable TV. The cost was outrageous for the garbage they offered. We still have an internet connection for our business websites, and we bought a Roku box. We get a lot of free TV. It may not be all up to date, but we don't watch much TV. We splurged and got a subscription to...
  12. MoonShadows

    Are you happy with your 2015 garden?

    I am happier than I was last year at this time. I have moved all my raised gardens and added a few. I have filled each with a very rich soil of the remains of last year's boxes, some new organically rich soil, peat moss, chicken poo and cow poo. My plants seem to be thriving at this early stage...
  13. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    I have always hated talking on phones, and I have my flip phone for the reason stated above, but I would be lost without my computer. I have 5 online ecommerce websites that I built, own and operate, and I make a nice piece of income from them. I am on the internet a lot during the day, but I...
  14. MoonShadows

    The World is Changing

    I till use a flip phone. Calls in, calls out and a phone book. That will do it for me. And, the only reason I have it? It was cheaper than my regular house phone, so I got rid of it.
  15. MoonShadows

    Large Greenhouse for Sale

    Looks like it's been sitting around for years, and the guy came up with the bright idea...."Hey, maybe I can unload it to some sap on Craig's List." Maybe we should start a funny CL thread, too.
  16. MoonShadows

    Hi all. New from Arkansas

    Welcome! Sounds like you have quite a nice garden and orchard. We would love to see some pix. Jump right in; this here is a real friendly group.
  17. MoonShadows

    Not Only Alive But Flowering

    I second the Redbuds. Gorgeous trees, not only the buds, but the leaves, the multiple trunks and the flowing branches. I have one also planted in the front yard. It's hard to mow around since it spreads out and has low branches, so I created a hostas garden underneath it with a staue in the...
  18. MoonShadows

    Not Only Alive But Flowering

    That's great! I love Dogwood, too. They grow wild in the woods around my property, but they are very spindly. I planted two in our front yard about 18 years ago almost under the huge pine trees that line the front of my property. They have grown and created an arch between them where I have a...
  19. MoonShadows

    Sketchy Internet Service or, TEG?

    I don't understand why when you click on a thread from the right hand column, it doesn't take you to that person's post. Sometimes I click on a thread and it takes me to a page or two before that person's post.