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  1. ducks4you

    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    Been cutting curly dock and burdock. DH and I used the tractor to drag out a limb from a tree that snapped in a recent storm, then 7 trips with the shovel (bucket) to my north pasture burn pile on Saturday. Sold my five 3 x 6 x 12 1/2"(high) stage pieces last week, guy picked them up today...
  2. ducks4you

    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    I can make you ch chip cookies. I don't like them, so you can eat them all!
  3. ducks4you

    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    FYI article:
  4. ducks4you

    A not so crappy history of Night Soil

    Keeping with the theme of waste matter:
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    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    Cleaned up around my grape vines today. Sawed down about 8 burdock, mowed with the bag to dump to burn the various grasses and weeds. DH hit the pole and knocked down the ancient 8 ft high posts last month. Got those removed. I need to assess the damage and see if any are now dead, or how to...
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    :welcome from Central IL!
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    Soya in all bread I make it without any salt. The sugar is negligeble and you Need it to feed the yeast. I use dry yeast in a jar and double the yeast called for. It's easy but you need to set aside 4-5 Hours for it. Also, my MIL's recipe calls for 5...
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    Tell me about sedums

    This isn't sedums, BUT, here are petunias that reseeded from last year. Never know that they would do this.
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden
  10. ducks4you

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Friday and Saturday, I weeded and poisoned beds around the house, east and south facing, bordered by the sidewalk. After the rains this week I will spot check whatever didn't die. I did this last year and it stayed clear for months.
  11. ducks4you

    Weather Where You Are

    Muggy until the rain Saturday night, not too bad yesterday, hot and muggy until it rains here late this PM, THEN, it cools to a high of 79 on Tuesday. Go figure.
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    VIDEO: Pharmacist Ben Fuchs - The Two Ways Glyphosate (RoundUp)Kills

    Don't have to read it. EVERY DRUG HAS SIDE EFFECTS. Some people take this drug to battle diseases like Lupus, and have taken thousands of pills. They are the people likely to have side effects. This drug has been approved for 65 years. It is as safe as Ibuprofin, which Could kill you if you...
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    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    Bought a 2 pack of Hollyhocks on clearance. Gotta get them potted toDAY. Still might be a bust. Couldn't find any clearance tomato cages for my peppers. Not a real problem. I Can pull the cages for the peppers right next to the potato raised bed and use them for my Romas that are almost...
  14. ducks4you

    Weather Where You Are

    ALREADY hot and steamy here. Good news! DH bought a DeWalt battery for several DeWalt tools. It is interchangeable. He suggested that a buy a decent battery powered reciprocating saw. Yes, I know y'all thought I was against battery operated stuff. Not against them, just preFER the ones that...
  15. ducks4you

    Double Yoker

    @Ridgerunner ,, I have seen those eggs with a membrane shell before. Btw, Neighbor/friend a block over got chickens again. HIS coop and run are chicken wire. Time to buy some birds, again.
  16. ducks4you

    Egg plant

    Roasted and slightly burnt isn't really my thing. STILL not feeling it. Give me more. It is such a Beautiful vegetable, I would Like to like it.
  17. ducks4you

    Egg plant

    Last time I tried eggplant, it was Eggplant Parmesan at the Olive Garden, and I couldn't finish it. Blech!!! Tempt me.
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    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    DH fixed my saw, but I had Trustee business, meeting tonight, fractious, so little time to work outside. I dug up mulch and put it around all of my peppers and laid more down in the flower/garlic beds, then watered all tomatoes, peppers and flowers. Hot today, MISERABLE tomorrow Through Sunday...
  19. ducks4you

    Double Yoker

    All young hens will lay double yokers. At the U of I egg sale, they will sell pallets of like 30? double yokers from all of their hens. You can always tell bc it looks like some other and bigger bird laid in the nest.
  20. ducks4you

    Ninnymary's Flying Apple Tree

    I dunno @ninnymary , that "sapling" could have exploded in the hold of the plane. Gotta watch for weapons EVERYWHERE!! :gig