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  1. so lucky

    Japanese Beetles and Geraniums

    I couldn't figure out why my geraniums had dead J. B. bugs around the pot every day, and a few dead or nearly dead in the blooms. I asked the seller where I bought them if they had perhaps used systemic insecticide on them before selling. He said no, but that geraniums have a toxic effect on...
  2. so lucky

    Lethal Doses

    I don't see how a person could even manufacture something this deadly. How is the producer still alive?
  3. so lucky

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Seedcorn, if I remember correctly, the germination on parsnips is very low to start with. Sounds like you really got a dud package. I picked my first green beans in the last couple days, they are the Fortex I had left over from two or three years back. I am happy to say they do look like...
  4. so lucky

    Soya in all bread

    You can try finding organic flour, and make your own bread. I have finally gotten my sourdough starter strong enough to make good bread. It is just 3 ingredients: flour, water and salt. You may have to order flour on the net. The pandemic has gotten everybody and their brother making bread, and...
  5. so lucky

    Weather Where You Are

    Gosh, Steve, I don't even remember asking about a trimmer. Unless it was the flame thrower I was contemplating. Didn't buy one. I am using a battery trimmer. I like it quite a lot. It's small, light weight and self feeding. But I am still interested in a flame thrower. Just because, you...
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    Hi there! Welcome from SE Missouri. Are you anywhere near Paducah? That's the main place I know in Western Ky. The lockdown brought out some strange new hobbies for several of us, I would think. Are you growing mostly flowers or have you started on vegetables, too? Either is a worthwhile past...
  7. so lucky

    Double Yoker

    A little off topic, you find that your chickens hang out together depending on color? I have three blackish chickens that hang out together, not all the same variety, two Easter eggers that hang out together, one welsummer that is a loner, and a white EE that hangs out with everyone. In...
  8. so lucky

    So when does the light go out

    Backyard Chickens forum is fun but there are so many members, one tends to get lost in the shuffle. This one has fewer members, and we are able to get to know each other. Marie2020, do you have your spring planting in? Do you have a garden allotment, or a back yard? I think I would do better...
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    New Idea - Plant Focus Threads - Feedback Needed

    I think it's a great idea. May be a bit of a mess trying to figure out how to present the info. I like the BYC feature of having some members write articles and allowing the other members to "rate" the helpfulness and accuracy of the article. I also like the badges people can earn for being...
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    Garden humor thread..

    They say the rats in NYC are getting vicious, fighting for any scrap of food, since the restaurants are closed. The corona virus hurts everyone!
  11. so lucky

    My First Broody Hen

    You know, she comes out and joins the other girls for over 3 hours every day, when they free range. I don't think she's that serious. But, that doesn't mean she will break on her own soon. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. so lucky

    Green worm

    Years ago when I was working in a florist, I opened a box of FTD containers, a mallard-looking planter. In one of them I found a tiny lizard, about 3 inches long, still alive from his long journey from China. I named him Hop One Duck, and we kept him there in the shop for a while, but he finally...
  13. so lucky

    My First Broody Hen

    With my previous batch of chickens, I never had one go broody, but the Black Copper Marens I have decided to go broody this week. She is really cranky when I push her out of the nest box every day. Growling at me, pecking at me. Hackles raised. She has perfected the "stink-eye". Since this is...
  14. so lucky

    Sentry, Baymule’s Livestock Guard Dog

    Dealing with impacted anal glands is no fun, certainly not for the dog. And the covid-19 arrangements for vet visits is stressful. I have been going through that, too. I feel like there are questions that need to be asked, that I don't think of, during that 15 second phone call. Are you supposed...
  15. so lucky

    Unlucky Penny

    So the vet says it's her knee that is bothering her, not her hip. She thought it was arthritis, too, and prescribed an anti-inflammatory/pain pill and glucosamine supplement. Also, since Penny was due to have the anal glands checked, I asked them to do that too, and, darn it, she has an...
  16. so lucky

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Yeah, I don't think slugs like the sun. Kinda like Dracula.
  17. so lucky

    Snake ALERT !

    Woah! I see the camper is snake proof, anyway. Big snakes are a shock to us mere humans, even if we know they are not going to bite us.
  18. so lucky


    I belong to a group on facebook that lets members post pics of sites in the state that they find attractive. It is amazing how many Missouri homeowners have Summer Tanagers, Indigo Buntings, Blue Grosbeaks, Evening Grosbeaks, even a few Painted Buntings at their back yard feeders. I guess they...
  19. so lucky

    Unlucky Penny

    My brave, silly and comforting dog Penny is having problems with her back leg/hip. We have an appointment for Wednesday but the vet is not allowing people in, they just come to the car and get the animal. We will have to tell them on the phone about her symptoms. She began favoring her leg...
  20. so lucky

    Buffalo Gnats Again!

    I had bought a spray called "Buggins" a couple years ago and was kind of put off by the smell. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so I sprayed myself down with it this morning before going out to work in the garden. Got no bug bites, or even buzzing around me. Hurrah!!. Now I love...