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  1. hiker125

    Tomatoes- Heirloom (or Not) for Southern IN zone 5

    I have been raised bed gardening for 4 seasons now and am pretty frustrated with the whole tomato growing process. I have tried only heirlooms and have had limited success. My goals for tomatoes were to: 1) excellent slicing tomatoes- 1 plant or so 2) canning tomatoes for a variety of...
  2. hiker125

    dehydrating veggies for winter chicken treats

    I was thinking about dehydrating some of my less than perfect veggies to give to the chickens during the winter. I was planning on reconstituting them with boiling water, letting cool a bit and giving it to the girls to get some veggies in them. Any reason why I shouldn't do this?
  3. hiker125

    strawberry plants

    I sent out several strawberry plants last year. They sent out lots of runners, but no blossoms, which I think was good. I read that you should cut them back in the fall, so I did. My friend, who has the same berries did not. I mulched with leaves and straw but my buddy didn't . My question...
  4. hiker125

    What is your favorite tomato cage?

    I used a trellis type system last season and the weight was too much for the trellis netting, so I had to resort to those cheap conical wire cages. They are "OK", but not my favorite. All the catalogs have some great ideas, but are they worth the price? Since I plan on growing about 60...
  5. hiker125

    The catalogs are here!

    I got 4 gorgous seed catalogs today: Seed Savers Exchange Johnny's Pinetree & Baker Creek I am drooling over all the wonderful veggies. It is a comfort on a snowy, icy day.
  6. hiker125

    Location of New Garden-over the sewage drain field?

    My hubby and & I seriously considering buying a new place in the country. I finally will have room for a SUBSTANTIAL garden. The only issue is- the ideal location for levelness, sunlight, etc, is over the sewage drainfield. I do a raised bed method with no-till, so I won't be digging down...
  7. hiker125

    Lots of green cayenne peppers

    I got worried about frost, which of course, didn't happen and now have a lot of green cayenne peppers. Does any one have any ideas on what I could do with them? Will they ever turn red like tomatos do?
  8. hiker125

    Sq Ft Garden and Green Peppers

    OK- I have 1 green pepper plant per sq and they look gorgous with glossy leaves and nice buds- however, I am only getting tiny, stunted fruit. I have not used any fertilizer and my compost is composed of several different types- cow, chicken, mushroom and household so it should be pretty...