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  1. OldGuy43

    Charcoal Ash?

    Did a search and didn't find a definitive answer; I have quite a bit of charcoal ash (No easy to ignite petroleum products.) and I was wondering if it would be good for my tomatoes?
  2. OldGuy43

    Calling Nifty Support, Mods, Anyone?

    Every time I try to open Easy Garden I get this message; " Maintenance We're doing some updates to the site. Please check back a bit later. In the meantime, please visit our sister sites:" ??????????????????? Got a fix?
  3. OldGuy43

    What's Your Favorite Outdoor Smell?

    That smell that comes from the drop in barometric pressure just before a storm.
  4. OldGuy43


    Using Google I didn't find anything about preserves, but I did find a couple about making sugarless jams that might help:
  5. OldGuy43


    Finally heard. They are okay. No idea why they didn't contact us sooner. Thanks to all!
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    They are my sister-in-law and her husband. Their names are Linda and Gene Walmer. Both are handicapped. He is 91 and she is 60. They were last seen boarding AMTRAK in Longview, Texas on December 12 of this year. They were bound for Orlando, Florida with layovers in Chicago, Illinois and...
  7. OldGuy43

    upside down tomatos.

    Thank you. Guess I didn't make myself clear. The ones I had said I had to keep them soaking wet all the time. That seemed to be too much. How did you do it?
  8. OldGuy43

    upside down tomatos.

    I have another question BugKiller. How do you water them?
  9. OldGuy43

    What can I do With Horseradish?

    The only thing that I remember about horseradish is that you want to grind it outside, preferably on a breezy day.
  10. OldGuy43

    upside down tomatos.

    So that's the trick. Thank you. :hugs
  11. OldGuy43

    The Bargain in Garden Hose

    No, not particularly. :)
  12. OldGuy43

    Wintering Fig Trees

    I planted a Brown Turkey Fig Tree last spring and it's doing well. The Old Farmers Almanac says we're in for a cold, wet winter here, and it's proving to be accurate so far. How do I protect it from frost? I was thinking about just covering it with a black plastic bag at night and taking it off...
  13. OldGuy43

    The Bargain in Garden Hose

    While far from the cheapest at $37.47 for a 100' section it's a real bargain. You can pick it up at WalMart in the Garden section. I've had one section for over 7 years now and it has survived freezing and boiling. It rarely kinks. The manufacturer is so convinced of it's superiority that it has...
  14. OldGuy43

    English as a second language class

    While we're on the subject; My sister-in-law was living in California and told us that her electric bill was 14 pages long. It seems that they printed it in a large variety of languages only two pages were in English. Always wondered how much all those translations added to the bill. :rolleyes:
  15. OldGuy43

    I may have solved the mystery

    In my experience most stinging insects only attack in defense. Ignore them and they ignore you.
  16. OldGuy43

    Italian Sweet Peppers

    One of the few things that did reasonably well in my garden was Italian sweet peppers. How do I keep them. What can I use them in. Any info would be appreciated.
  17. OldGuy43

    Something's Attacking My Fig Tree

    If it's Fig Rust would rinsing the leaves off daily help or make it worse?
  18. OldGuy43

    Something's Attacking My Fig Tree

    Can anyone tell me what this is, and more importantly what I can do about it?
  19. OldGuy43

    English as a second language class

    I'm not sure that being proficient in the primary language of your students is necessary or even helpful. I knew a fellow once that had learned German, as an adult while in the US Army. They used something called "Immersion Training". According to him they spoke nothing but German in the class...
  20. OldGuy43

    It's a conspiracy!

    Just because information comes from a "conspiracy theorist" doesn't make it necessarily untrue. :)