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  1. Stubbornhillfarm

    Mom has passed away

    So sorry thistle...Praying that you will have peace in the knowledge of her eternity and the beauty and fullness that now surrounds her.
  2. Stubbornhillfarm

    Piglets helping clean up garden waste. (video)Added set up pics, BJ

    Boy...I am no pig expert by far! We have 4 in there. The area is pretty big. I'm guessing you could put up to 10 in there. I wouldn't want to, we like them to have room. But I think you could. Last year we had some big trees in the pig pen area (different area from this year) they dug...
  3. Stubbornhillfarm

    Piglets helping clean up garden waste. (video)Added set up pics, BJ

    We keep things pretty simple around here. Cattle panels with one strand of hot wire around the bottom (about 2 inches out from the cattle panel). We have a hut for them that last year they slept in. We put hay in there and they loved it. This year we had some junk round bales, so we put one...
  4. Stubbornhillfarm

    Piglets helping clean up garden waste. (video)Added set up pics, BJ

    Thanks ya'll! Yes, for us the one and done method is going to work great. They are funny little ladies. (just by chance we got all girls this time around) And journey, I am glad we could give a visual of "slop!" haha BJ, I will try and get a picture of our full set up for them when I get...
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    Piglets helping clean up garden waste. (video)Added set up pics, BJ

    hahaha They are happy piggies! I don't remember if I got it on video or not, but there were big puddles of tomato juice and they were sticking their snouts in and just sucking it up. It was so funny! lesa, I believe we have about 10 weeks left to go. We are doing it a bit different this...
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    Piglets helping clean up garden waste. (video)Added set up pics, BJ

    Yes...this is a good moment in the piglets lives. Happy, happy, happy!
  7. Stubbornhillfarm

    Transition summer to fall gardens.........

    Our garden in 5a didn't do great. Not a total loss, but not great. Mostly because I didn't have the time to put into it. I did plant spinach, radishes, beets and bok choy about a week ago. I will get some garlic (scape bulbs) into the ground soon and see what happens.
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    What if I outlive my money?

    As far as I can tell I already have. I don't think money was ever alive. ;)
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    adult child moving home

    Oh that's great that you are going to have your daughter at home with you for a bit! My youngest daughter just got out of the Coast Guard and son in law is still in. They live cross country. I know what you are saying. It is very hard. :( But I am glad for you that you are going to have...
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    Mom Fell, Sugery, Hospital and Nursing Home

    Praying for her to gain strength and ability so that she can come back home to be with you!
  11. Stubbornhillfarm

    Now I can finally join the club!

    Beautiful! :D
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    How do you feel?

    I feel great!! Last night as we were eating supper, I said to my husband, we really need a dairy cow. (so I can make cheese, etc.) Last nights supper of Spaghetti Lasagna had home raised pork, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, eggs, oregano and parsley. All that was store bought was the...
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    Traditional or Funky

    I'd have to go traditional with a lawn jockey since it is a "historical" type item.
  14. Stubbornhillfarm

    What breed of Rooster is this?

    He is the rarely seen "Constructionpaperwithgooglyeye" breed.
  15. Stubbornhillfarm

    thyme haircut

    Looks great! I know it is disappointing some times when it looks like you have a huge amount. Then you dry it and well... I bet it will be some of the best tasting thyme you have ever had though. Growing it yourself is the best! Nice job.
  16. Stubbornhillfarm

    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    Stunning! I especially like the apricot colored double or triple. Whatever it is. It is really beautiful! I hope that your business takes off for you. I like it when I hear stories of people opening a business just by doing what they love and then it evolves. :thumbsup
  17. Stubbornhillfarm

    The Wall Of Shame!! or..Hey! We Ain't Perfect!

    This year, I didn't get a chance to weed my large perennial bed at the front of the house. It is ridiculous!! Weeds taller than the bushes, etc. But to justify and make myself feel better. I have stated that I am just going to dig everything up and divide it anyhow in the fall. So why...
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    Monarch Watch

    Well you just made me feel better! I had some milkweed show up in my flower garden this year and just decided to leave it. I'm glad I did and I hope some Monarchs happen buy. I'll have to check and see if there are any signs of them.
  19. Stubbornhillfarm

    Some pis from today

    Beautiful as always Kassaundra! I love the pictures of the morning glories all tangled with the sun rising (or setting) behind. Very pretty!
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    Excuses, Excuses....

    So have an amazing strength to be able to go through this with your spouse. A strength that none of us can really comprehend unless we have been there. For better or're in the worse and you are hanging in there. I hope that today is a wonderful day for you! :hugs