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  1. Jeni Ann

    Remember These ?

    We used a yellow Scotch Brite and mild soap when I was an auto-body detailer. The blueing should come off pretty easy & you don't want to abrade the tire too much. It'll just hold dirt better down the road (literally! :lol:)
  2. Jeni Ann

    Epsom Salt in the garden?

    Oh Red! You are so smart!
  3. Jeni Ann

    Epsom Salt in the garden?

    Geez, here I have been wasting all that good stuff by soaking around in it :confused:! Gonna go right out and sprinkle some around my weak looking tomato (only one looks anemic -?) and peppers!!
  4. Jeni Ann

    She got me a Sumac start.

    Wow! We planted some sumac towards the edge of our meadow. It didn't take off like that! Yes, it can spread like crazy, but where we put it, that is OK.
  5. Jeni Ann

    Great Puppy Chow Commercial

    My son posted this on my FB page. It is SO like him, he could have made that commercial :) I think CKC are so stinkin' cute! (esp. with the white - just saying! ;))
  6. Jeni Ann

    New Old Truck work started

    OK. I have to admit that I am jealous. There. I said it. I have always wanted an old truck. I have a new truck that I adore and I consider myself lucky (and spoiled;)) But there is something about those old trucks... The biggest roadblock to my ever having a great old pick up is that I am...
  7. Jeni Ann

    Totally shocked

    I recently heard the quote "Nobody is promised a Tomorrow". Having lost 2 close family members in the past 6 months it really hit me that while we may not be promised it, we sure live for it. Sometimes we even fight for it. You are in my prayers.
  8. Jeni Ann

    look what I got today!

    :lol: Would that attract cats, also?
  9. Jeni Ann

  10. Jeni Ann

    Good Blackberry Year

    Our Blackberries are loaded! Even the ones in the fencerow, and usually they don't produce much or the critters get them first. The Mulberries are heavy, too. Just wild ones. Like Carol Dee said; flavorless. The raccoons sure like them, tho, if the frequency and size of the "purple poop" is any...
  11. Jeni Ann

    New Old Truck work started

    Whoa! That is a beauty! Good for you NYBoy :)
  12. Jeni Ann

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Uh .... why do I have so many pictures of serviceberry & quince blossoms? What Did I DO?!? *sorry*
  13. Jeni Ann

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Serviceberry blossoms and Quince. This is the first time they have bloomed since I planted them!
  14. Jeni Ann

    How playing in the dirt makes you happy

    LOVE A & T's new toy :) Good job G'ma ;)
  15. Jeni Ann

    Bamboo wattle fence??

    I'd like to do a willow wattle around the (soon to be) expanded peony bed. Willow Wattle - boy is that fun to say!
  16. Jeni Ann

    Happy St. Paddy Day

    I just checked. There is green paint on the sweatshirt I am wearing. Among the many colors.;)
  17. Jeni Ann

    EEK! a Mouse!

    We are thinking rat - it's days are numbered!
  18. Jeni Ann

    EEK! a Mouse!

    We have a mouse (or something) stealing traps in DH's shop. Numerous mice & voles have been caught, but occasionally a trap goes missing. War has been declared. We have developed lightening reflexes around here. If even a slight movement is caught in the corner of the eye ... Stomp! I almost got...
  19. Jeni Ann

    Another Reason to Eat Cherries Sleep

    And what is wrong with that fresh mown taste!? I happen to like it!