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    That Strawberry Ice is beautiful! Love the pics. So how is this year looking for you Rusty? Have you been able to replenish some of what you lost? As I mentioned a long time ago in this thread, I'll be selling cut flowers and veggies at the local farmers market this summer...looking at your...
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    Garden journal

    ...didn't see your post before I posted mine....great minds think alike, eh? :thumbsup
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    Garden journal

    :lol: Same here! I always have high hopes of recording everything each season....doesn't happen! For the past few years, I've been able to keep track of stuff by just writing it on my office calendar. I wrote down chicken 'events' on the day they occurred (hen went broody, chicks hatched, 1st...
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    Heirloom or Hybrid?

    57 tomato plants!?!?! :ep wow....and I grew 12 this year...and felt like that was a ton! :P
  5. cwhit590

    Newbie from MN! (pic heavy)

    :thumbsup Thanks for the tips! I love eating fresh produce, but with only 1 of me in this apartment I'm finding I can't make it thru some things before they start to go bad. :rolleyes: The freezer is my friend. :D With the herbs, do they stick together when frozen? Do you have to bag them...
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    Heirloom or Hybrid?

    In our area, the Kalamazoo County Master Gardeners hold a fun event each summer called the "Tomato Taste-Off", where gardeners bring in fresh garden produce for a potluck along with different varieties of tomatoes for sampling. Apparently SunGold won the title of "tastiest" tomato variety two...
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    Heirloom or Hybrid?

    Hey Steve-o! :frow Well it's that time of year for me to finally visit TEG and see what's going on! :lol: Life gets so busy during the growing season and the holidays that this is about the only time I get on anymore! I'm working on uploading photos, so hopefully soon I can post an update on...
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    Newbie from MN! (pic heavy)

    :welcome Wow, beautiful garden and great pictures!!! You mentioned that you chop up and freeze bell peppers and fresh herbs...can you explain more how you do that and how you store them? Do you just pop them in baggies in the freezer? or do you have to add water or anything?
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    Park vs. Burpee?

    When I first started ordering seeds years ago, I ordered almost exclusively from Burpee. As I'm about to place my seed orders soon, I've been comparing prices between catalogs/companies, and I've noticed recently that their prices are quite a bit higher than others. I am planning on ordering a...
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    Heirloom or Hybrid?

    I'm not wild about tomatoes...I mainly grow them for family and friends. I tend to plant more hybrid tomatoes, but I like a mix, and I like trying heirlooms too. Hybrids: I really like Early Girl...the plants are full and leafy and it always takes off well for me each year. Big Boy and Better...
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    Any tips on Hydrangeas?

    You're in MN? What hardiness zone are you in? Are hydrangeas hardy in your area? If you want to grow the pink or blue mophead types and get reliable blooms in the north, you need to look for one of the newer varieties that will bloom on NEW wood, like Endless Summer. A lot of people around here...
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    Pole vs. Bush Beans

    The last few years I've grown both pole and bush beans. This past year I did Kentucky Wonder pole and Blue Lake pole and bush beans. Like others have mentioned... I like the bush beans because they mature faster....and the plants are compact so the rows stay tidy. They do peter out...
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    Advice with Petunias?

    I work at a greenhouse, and we happened to grow some of those Black Velvet petunias this year for Lowes and different places...I think they look pretty cool! Definitely something new and different. Black Velvet is a 'vegetative petunia' that we started from cuttings that we had shipped in this...
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    My First Garden! (pics!!)

    The garden looks great! Like lesa said, I would just watch out for that mint. (unless you REALLY REALLY like mint) :)
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    Oooh...Rusty, you help grow for the Grand Hotel? That's cool. How are the dahlias coming along this season?
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    The Average American Gardener

    I'm trying to save those receipts and keep better records for this year too! I haven't added everything up yet, either. :P I should be ok as far as the veggies go....but I spent a lot on flower seed this year. The plan is to sell cut flowers and some extra herbs and veggies if all goes...
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    Giving Up

    Hey hey strangers! :frow So what's this I hear about Steve GIVING UP?!? :P It's interesting to hear about everyone's season so far. The weather has had its ups and downs here....but nothing too extreme right where I live...the warmer weather just took its sweet time in coming! At this...
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    Violets in Bloom!!!

    mmmm......morels = :thumbsup Some friends from church got me into morel hunting a few years ago....last spring was great for us! We found the mother walked away with bagfuls of mushrooms. 2010 and 2009 were good years...lots of morels where we normally go....2008 wasn't very...
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    Thanks for the info. Do you find that certain varieties / types / colors sell better than others at market? Are there more popular types or do they all sell equally well? Do you normally sell them on their own or do you usually mix them in different arrangements? They all look gorgeous to me so...
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    I'm kinda late to this, but welcome to TEG Rusty! Good to see another Michigander. And wow..... great pics of your dahlias! NICE plants and flowers. :thumbsup When I was doing greenhouse retail in 2009 we grew some big dahlias (Vancouver and Babylon Pink) in 3 gallon pots....and man, as soon...