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    Side dressing fruit trees?

    Not sure about everywhere else but my fruit trees are waking up. I went to prune a branch for the chinchilla and found sap running. up here in NH they shouldnt be waking up yet. agreed on weeds and if your trees are waking up then it will definately burn the roots.
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    Worm bed under rabbit hutch?

    Actually raising worms under the hutchs is very easy all you need do is have a screened bottom box they can not escape from. I have worms in the rabbit manure with out the box, with boxes etc, if there is poo they will come lol. by the zillions I might add.
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    why am I so afraid?

    Another great way to experience your first round of canning is : Find a canning buddy, someone who is experienced with canning and pressure canning. True things can still go a bit wrong lol but think of all the fun and learning that will go on in the very first session. Canning with a buddy...
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    Propagation Section Needed?

    If I can have a vote, I will vote yes please. There is nothing more frustrating than doing a web search for a half know variety of plant and find little to nothing about such plant. If one is lucky enough to find the exact plant, then you have to shuffle through all the big words and...
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    using the bunny poop....

    Dont forget to set up a worm bed under their cages, a soil with out worms is just soil, a soil with tons of worms is a healthy garden.
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    New rabbits

    LOL this is a German Giant, for runner to the Continental and Flemish Giant. ( basically all the same rabbit just different names for different locations.) Beautiful rabbits and generally friendly and puppyish. I had one who lived in my garage on the floor in a huge 4'x4' pen. like most dogs...
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    and the screen is not scratch and sniff WHY!!!!! :rant
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    I Think it's a Sago Palm - HELP!!

    Honestly that doesnt look like a sago palm, if you notice the saw tooth going up the frond, it is showing similarities to a Walking Palm, Parlor Palm,Broad leaf Palms and Razor leaf Palms, etc. the root system is also indicitive of a Parlor Palm. Sago Palms tend to grow roots more straight...
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    For Dracaenaceae Lovers! Please post yours?

    Thank You Joe :hugs
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    For Dracaenaceae Lovers! Please post yours?

    ok I am a bit confuzzeled? I got the pull off the long leaves, now did you mean just lay the whole thing down and wire it or should I cut a chunk out and make 2 seperate plants? and what to do about the long stem thats left, couldnt that also be cut to make more plants? I love these types...
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    For Dracaenaceae Lovers! Please post yours?

    This is the broken off piece, its broken straight acrossed not angled .
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    For Dracaenaceae Lovers! Please post yours?

    I finally got her home, she is tall and lanky, and I have to wait for the kid to get home to figureout what she did with my camera.. :rant thinking it went to school with her, which is grounds for a whoopin. Anywho, bringing it in and knocking out all the old useless dirt ( not soil ugh...
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    What about ivy?

    I think mainly because people think pathos as an indoor plant. I do like your idea of planting it outside in the right zones, here it would freeze during the winter. but in temperate climates it would look beautiful outside. I can see it climbing up a trellis or lattice work fence and looking...
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    Have to show off some of my Recycling finds,{please post your finds.}

    Great Ideas and I love the compost barrel! Oh oh and the door off the wood stove. the fun I could have with that. first would wire brush off all the rust. then before doing anything else get a sheet of nice paper and do a charcoal rubbing. spray with acrylic for charcoal then frame in a...
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    Have to show off some of my Recycling finds,{please post your finds.}

    Thank You Joe I will be sure to take you up on the offer. No no one was hurt, I mananged to get the child, husband, and most of the animals out before it got bad, I did lose some hair length to flash over trying to go bacn in after the last of the animals. Only lost the 3 because of the flash...
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    Sold As Blue Lily Of The Nile, actual name Clivia?

    I am just going to have to go searching out the stunning green Clivia. There is wealth of information on the site, I sat mesmerized by it for hours when I first found it. Glad everyone enjoyed the many different colors of a stunning plant.
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    Have to show off some of my Recycling finds,{please post your finds.}

    I cant help but be cheap/frugel lol. every dollar saved on one thing is an extra dollar for something special. I was raised by depression era grandparents so learned early on where to pinch and where to splurge. If i can save $15.00 not having to buy seed trays pots and markers, thats...
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    Sold As Blue Lily Of The Nile, actual name Clivia? This is a really interesting site to look at. it goes through the genetic and color variation of the Clavia. It has some stunning pictures also. wait till you see the green one!!!! :th
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    Have to show off some of my Recycling finds,{please post your finds.}

    Acutally not off topic at all after reading the posts in the other link, it all ties onto recycling. tossed plants, worked in cuttings for work done, lol it all fits nicely into this thread. Chances are the brown leaves on the tossed plant was due to over waterings. had they just cut back on...
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    My Epiphyllum {new pictures}

    Poor Bertha , I went a little crazy on her today. I went to walk by and typical of an Epip she got my attention by poking me in the eye.( litterally). So down she came to table level and this is what she looks like now. for refresher: before During: and the final result:{ after a few...