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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Ripening blackberries. Lovely White Lily. Yellow Lilies. Lots of zinnias we got from msbear. One more Zinnia.
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    Roasting peanuts?

    Thank you everyone!
  3. houndit

    Roasting peanuts?

    We are growing peanuts this year. Does anyone have a way they recommend on curing/storing them? We would like to just roast and salt them. We tried it once before and they were not very good. Thanks for your help!
  4. houndit

    What causes this on peach and nectarine trees?

    Thank you very much!
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    Herb crazy...whats in your herb garden?

    Oops. Posted by accident. Sorry.
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    What causes this on peach and nectarine trees?

    Our two Nectarine trees and our two Peach trees have a curly sort of leaf. Do you know what causes it? Will it spread to other trees? Does it harm the tree? How do you get rid of it? Here are some pictures. Thank you for any help you can offer!
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    Can y'all help ID this tree?

    That looks an awful lot like a black walnut. They grow wild around here.
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    Does any one grow aloe? If you do please contact me I would like to by some (not seeds). Thank you!
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    Lilac cuttings?

    Thanks!! I think I will try the cuttings and see how it works! Thanks again.
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    FREE SEEDS! You must pay shipping.. $5

    Do you still have some? :love
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    Lilac cuttings?

    We have two large lilac plants and I want to take some cuttings from them this year. Should I take them before or after it blooms? Thanks!
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    Flock of sheep for sale

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    Herd of goats for sale

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    Making Maple Syrup

    Wow! Excellent post! Thank you so much for the information!
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    Chocolate mint

    Thank you for all the replies! I appreciate it.
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    Chocolate mint

    Does any one know where I can find chocolate mint seed?
  17. houndit

    growing herbs in window boxes?

    Just don't plant fennel and dill any place near each other or they will cross pollinate.
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    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    I am a member of Back yard chickens also.