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    Who has a family garden?

    I love secret gardens, My vege patch contains lots of strange objects, like a gnome, little marble stepping stones, and a bed head which I grow the cucumbers upon. Then I call it my "garden bed" get it??I collect old cane bits and pieces to grow things up on too.
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    I plant mine in around my veggies and an Italian friend told me to also plant a clove in a plastic pot filled with rich soil and compost so im trying that too. I eat fresh garlic once a week and I stink right now. Whenever I eat lots of it I also crave chocolate!
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    Welcome To TheEasyGarden Forum!

    Yep, i reckon this site is going to grow outta sight just like my tomatoes are right now!!! its nearly summer here, sorry guys, i know you are all going dormant so perhaps I can send you some tomatoes!!!!
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    winter is killing my garden lawn

    Perhaps you can plant some clover just to break up the brown areas, We have couch grass pronounced cooch! It goes brown in winter but doesnt die off and in summer it stays green in the drought which makes up for the winter brown.
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    Welcome To TheEasyGarden Forum!

    Im guessing that instead of incubating and hatching eggs section you can have a seedling section so we can all get excited about our baby plants sprouting from seed. lol
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    Winter Gardening? I'll be honest... never done it before.

    I think you may have missed the planting bus!! I sow my winter crops in Autumn eg broccoli and peas, however you should be able to get some spinach seedlings Some lettuce also grows in winter, also italian parsley!!
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    Zoo Poo ~ good stuff?

    Hi all , Whenever a circus comes to town I get sack fulls of elephant manure and spread it around, its really good stuff though it takes 12 months to show any benefit but when it does, boy do the tomatoes go nutz. The elephants live on bananas and hay so the waste that gets dumped in big piles...
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    Welcome To TheEasyGarden Forum!

    Im also reporting for duty!!!! Good luck, im sure it will be as good as BYC, us gardeners are an earthy bunch! I need more time to come up with a cutesy username though, ozvegie sounds corny now. It doesnt roll off the tongue.hows about parsleymum!!! or something else Mum!! I know howsabout...
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    Who has a family garden?

    Hello, we have a big vegie patch where we all have our own little plot, I have my tomatoes and basil etc, Ed has his tomatoes and corn and Mikey has his carrots!!! Wow, im the first in this category , yeeeehaaa!!
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    Who uses chickens for tillers?

    I always use my chickens to scratch up the weeds before I plant new seeds and seedlings, then when the plants are established and tough, i may let them in once in a while.