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  1. chills

    All my chickens are gone

    what a loss, so very sorry for you. when we wanted proof of what was coming in our yard, we put up a simple cheap security camera, could that be a option .. i hope you get to have chickens again one day!
  2. chills

    Finally got a garden moment...

    So sorry your body is defying you. Kind of hurts my feelings when my body turns on me. Take it slow at first hopefully its only temporary - it must feel good to be back outside playing/working!!
  3. chills

    Gotta have a talk with my cats

    OOOOO. We have made our cat a indoor only cat, after many vet bills from cat fights. I never considered how much he paroled the yard. EEEWWWW vole rat or mouse (except mickey) are gross gross gross..
  4. chills

    First Potato Harvest

    Congrats on the potato harvest! I didnt get any from my attempt. Maybe I'll do more research and try again next year. I also didnt have a weed problem, I had what looked like a successful plant, but no potatoes in the dirt. I had straw over top mine, so maybe that helped with weeds? Oh and...
  5. chills

    Getting your jams and jellies thicker....

    Thank you for the tip, I made my first strawberry jam this year. I loved it, but it wasnt thick like the grocery stores. I will try this on my next batch of jam, coming soon!
  6. chills

    Updates on my Sisters Garden

    So fabulous! Thanks for sharing the update, now I know it can be done. I failed pretty bad at my first attempt, but learned a few things to try differently next year. Everything in your photo is so full and green, looks great!
  7. chills

    Do you know what this is?

    WOW. thanks so much. love the link. do you guys have any experience with them? if its just a weed, i can pull it out and be done with it?
  8. chills

    Do you know what this is?

    hello everyone, i have a bird donation plant. i was wondering if it is something to leave be or if i should try to get rid of it. its has a really pretty maroon color stem and lime colored leaves. it's about 3 -4 feet tall, with green berries that turn black. i have this plant and another...
  9. chills

    Can you identify this guy

    YES! wow, thanks so much. based on my research im going with Five-Spotted Hawkmoth. this guy totally had the orange and black stripes on his body under his wings. based on wiki i dont think he is a good guy, tomato hornworms eat holes in my ripe tomatoes right? my friend the moth has since...
  10. chills

    Can you identify this guy

    i thought it is a butterfly, my husband thinks its a moth .. anyone know what it is, i'd like to gather some info on him. thanks!
  11. chills

    My new flower troughs

  12. chills

    Defoliated Jasmine Plant.

    i have no answers, i feel for you i am struggling with my star jasmine too. i really love it and dont want to call it quits. i pruned a few pieces to see if it was totally dead inside, mine wasnt so i will keep limping it along. i havent been able to find good info on line for me to follow...
  13. chills

    Mulch questions

    i use straw in my beds with out newspaper and it works really well to keep the weeds down. i also use a drip system so i think that may be what helps the most. i have also used straw around my coldframe or on the paths and it doesnt seem to hold up very long for me, perhaps with cardboard or...
  14. chills

    Strwberries are planted! pic added!!

    very nice! i love my strawberry bed, but i think i would trade it for a pond. i didnt know they are so costly. i use straw in my bed to keep the weeds down, have you thought of anything to help with that? oh and by using straw it gives the berries a place to sit and ripen off the dirt.
  15. chills

    Soda Bottle Slow-Drip Irrigation

    i am using this method. i wanted to establish some primrose under my oleanders. i cut the bottoms off 32oz bottles of gatorade, these bottles are strong! i just unscrewed the lids slightly and buried them. i would walk around and fill the bottles with a old milk jug. i wish i would of...
  16. chills

    How do you anchor your tomato cages?

    i tried the fence cage last year, just 2 of them. i was able to reuse some old tent spikes to hold them in the ground. i think my placement doesnt get so much wind that it was a problem.
  17. chills

    Anyone have cute ideas for veggie markes? (Pics Please)

    here is a link from a while ago, but it has pictures of what everyone was using. my crayons and rock did not last longer than that season, but i liked them for the time.
  18. chills

    I have STRAWBERRIES!!!

    i took off the straw and feed my bed, and found 1 bloom. i cant believe you have buckets ... yeah for you guys!
  19. chills

    New Beehive Work In Progress (DONE)

    YEAH!! that is going to be awesome. i would love a hive but wouldnt know how to get rid of the honey, and i surely wont eat that much! will you sell the honey with your jams? i cant wait to hear how you take care of the hive and bees.
  20. chills

    How to properly store Dahlia tubers for Winter?

    3,000 lbs? holy smokes. i have 4 .. not pounds .. 4 dahlias. weather has been fabulous last couple days. i havent seen anything sprouting from my dahlia spots, but i loved them last year. i'll share photos when i get that far!!