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    Sweet Potatoes

    When to harvest? I planted them May 5th and they look great but not sure when to harvest them. Thanks Nancy
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    Canning potatoes

    I have red skinned and youkon gold. In my book it says to peel the potatoes. Have any of you ever canned potaotes? Do I have to peel them, we like the peelings on for potato salad and garlic and parsley potatoes. Nancy
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    Favorite sweet 5 here

    I only have space for one kind of corn and we really really like Peaches and Cream.
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    Part of my Family?

    A slide show of the dogs that are part of my family. They are 6 1/2 months old now and going great with the goats. Stevie the goat is a rescue that we have had for about 4-5 years now. Nancy
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    So far I have gotten in red leaf lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage. Nancy
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    Garden has been started

    Found at the co-op, red leaf lettuce, got it in the ground. Also found broccoli going to plant that today, also found cabbage will plant that tomorrow if it is not too wet. I would try to get it all in today but broke a bone in my foot and having to take it easy. But it's a start. Nancy
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    Sweet Corn question

    Need recomendations for yellow sweet corn that I can save seed from year after year. Thanks Nancy
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    The only garden tool I own

    Even after the wedding when she finds out, all I can think of is "Run Forest Run"
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    The only garden tool I own

    We have had both of those tools, the claw and the stirup hoe, and if the ground is worked up already they work fine, not worth any thing for un-broke ground which is what the tv leads one to believe k is being used. However it is plain to see that the ground in the ads is very well worked. We...
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    dumb canning question

    I think my home caned stuff is better because there is less salt and no added food coloring and all that other junk that is on the list of ingredients on labels. Is there a farmers market close to you where you can get fresh stuff? This is my latest attempt at canning, venison. DH is a avid...
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    Post your Thanksgiving Menu!

    Both daughters went to inlaws so DH and I had a free day. We went to Chattanooga to eat at Smokey Bones and !!!!!they were closed!!!! OH well, so was every other restaurant that surrounded the mall. There was a place open called the Country Place so we went back there. The food was OK, way...
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    Would you like to experiment with my Stevia seeds??

    If you have some left I would like to give it a try. Nancy
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    Ornamental cabbage/kale

    Is this kale just for show or can it be eaten? Always wondered. My repellent for deer is freezer camp. Nancy
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    Everyone's Fall Pics

    Red sky in morning sort of thing. Knew it was going to be windy yesterday, nice breeze all day with clouds moving in. Rain all day today, we are getting what is left of TS Ida here in east Tennessee.
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    Redneck GPS

    LOL Armen LOL good one.
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    Everyone's Fall Pics

    The fall leaves here were just not that great this year, don't know why, we had plenty of rain. However the sky sure was colorful yesterday morning. Nancy
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    Neighbor Armed With Roundup!

    I have to ask since I don't recognize it, what is that growing on your fence? Did you say something to them when they were pulling plants up from "Your" yard? I don't think I could have kept my mouth shut if someone was in my yard pulling up plants. Were you in his yard when you took those...
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    who's got their garlic beds prepped? planting in October?

    Got mine ready, saved bulbs from last year, will be planting October 11.
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    "Recycled Garden Art" Please add yours!

    I thought I would post my recycled garden. It is a old tiller with a planter made from a break drum and holding moss, several pieces of driftwood, a raggedy Ann doll watching over the rock garden and a rocky horse.