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    potato seed pic

    this is the first year I have had these on my plants
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    potato seed pic

    this is the first year I have had these on my plants
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    some of my buns

    nz doe buck 10 week old calli's and one dwarf
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    one of my daylilys

    this bunch has a fringe , the bed needs thinned out real bad
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    raspberry reviews

    I am looking into starting a small berry farm , I have 2 1/2 acres to play with , What raspberries have you done good with and what ones didnt do good ? I am in zone 4 to 5 LOL kinda boarder line right here Thanks Bob
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    got some free mulch

    A guy I am friends with loaded me up 2 pickup loads of ground alfalfa that was moldy , I will be getting it on the garden this weekend , he has more in big square bales I will be putting in my compost pile along with a buch of sheep manure
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    wanted netherland dwarf

    I am looking for a netherland dwarf buck that is breeding age , hoping to get within 100 miles of se SD , color or papers not important
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    ground hay for rabbits ?

    I can get some real nice alfalfa hay for the rabbits , would you have less waste if it was ground or more of a course chopped ? Thanks Bob
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    sugar sweet cherry

    Is these bushes worth a hoot ? How long before I can expect fruit ? I am looking at starting a small berry / fruit farm , there isn't any within 50 miles of me . Just looking for more ideas LOL Thanks for any and all info Bob
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    berries and soil from around cedar trees

    how good will the soil from around cedar trees work for blueberry , raspberry , strawberry, blackberry ? Thank You Bob