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  1. hiker125

    My 2012 Sweet Potato Journal/post #26 starts 2013!

    Oh baymule- your sweet potatoes look amazing. Have you dug them yet? :P
  2. hiker125

    Let's Do Some Harvest Photos

    I harvested some sweet potatoes yesterday. This was the first time I tried them and they did great!
  3. hiker125

    The summer without

    Weird for us too. I live in the tiny part of IN that wasn't exceptionally drought-ridden this year. However, we have sure had our share of bugs- West Nile Virus is everywhere. I personally two people who have it right now (and they don't know each other!), the ticks were HORRIBLE this year...
  4. hiker125

    Tomatoes- Heirloom (or Not) for Southern IN zone 5

    Thanks, Smiles and Marshall. One last question about ashing the eggshells- Is the smell so bad that I should NOT attempt it in my suburban backyard? I am already doing a lot of uhum, shall we say, stealth gardening- with my chickens, bees and front yard veggie gardening. Will this be...
  5. hiker125

    Tomatoes- Heirloom (or Not) for Southern IN zone 5

    Marshall- Thank you so very much for the lesson. You are an amazing teacher! Since 4 of my 6 Oplakas have BER, I wonder if it was the watering? We have had a terrible drought in IN, although not as bad down south as the rest of the state. I tried to water deeply 2x week, should I have...
  6. hiker125

    Tomatoes- Heirloom (or Not) for Southern IN zone 5

    I should have clarified my frustrations with my heirloom tomatoes- The Opalka's have end rot like no tomorrow and the Black Krims crack something terrible. I still eat them all but just wondered if I was doing something wrong. Am I just growing the wrong 'maters for my zone? Is this just...
  7. hiker125

    Who is planting cool weather crops?

    I am waiting for the remains of Isaac to blow through this weekend and then I am going to set my fall crops out. We have been SO DRY in Indiana this year- the worst drought since the '30's. Scary. It has been too hot and dry to start anything lately. Next week, I am planning to start...
  8. hiker125

    Tomatoes- Heirloom (or Not) for Southern IN zone 5

    I have been raised bed gardening for 4 seasons now and am pretty frustrated with the whole tomato growing process. I have tried only heirlooms and have had limited success. My goals for tomatoes were to: 1) excellent slicing tomatoes- 1 plant or so 2) canning tomatoes for a variety of...
  9. hiker125

    What are the best tomatoes you have ever grown?

    Hangn'- where did you find the seed for Terrific? I have got to try something new next year. Last year was Cherokee Purple, which tasted great, but not very productive. This year is Black Krim and something is eating it before it gets ripe. We are in a severe drought and I am sure that...
  10. hiker125

    What have you canned or preserved today?

    Does anyone have a good recipe for sweet hot peppers, maybe like a sweet and hot relish type of thing? :rolleyes:
  11. hiker125

    Midwest drought

    yeah for you! It is raining here too, a nice gentle rain. The sound of the thunder is so soothing. I hope everyone gets a good soaking.
  12. hiker125

    Midwest drought

    I too am from IN and was wondering if '88 was worse than this year. Scary to know that this year is WORSE. It was so hot in '88 that Lake Monroe felt like a bath. My garden is really struggling despite twice weekly waterings with the soaker hose. I am praying for all of you whose living is...
  13. hiker125

    My pullets laid their first eggs!

    Congrats on the first egg. They are so great. My husband says that ours needed to be gold plated, as much as it cost. :lau
  14. hiker125

    Spartacus is SEVEN!! (PIX)

    :weee Happy Birthday Spartacus! :weee You are such a handsome boy.
  15. hiker125

    Visitor at the Front Door (PIX)

    I am in LOVE. :love He is adorable. I had no idea you had such beautiful toads in the desert.
  16. hiker125

    does any one dry their food

    I dry everything! I have some grapes that were gettng a little old and am now turning them into raisins. :lol:
  17. hiker125

    dehydrating veggies for winter chicken treats

    I love it-chicken pancakes and oatmeal. What great ideas. I can't wait to try them on the first cold day. BTW- is that ever going to happen? We are about to break a record for the most consecutive days over 90! :lol: Stay cool, my friends.
  18. hiker125

    dehydrating veggies for winter chicken treats

    I was thinking about dehydrating some of my less than perfect veggies to give to the chickens during the winter. I was planning on reconstituting them with boiling water, letting cool a bit and giving it to the girls to get some veggies in them. Any reason why I shouldn't do this?
  19. hiker125

    This ought to be a good one.....who is from BYC??

    I am a BYC and SS member too (I am hiker on SS). Love these sites. So much good information!
  20. hiker125

    strawberry plants

    Then I will probably only get two berries this year-provided the eldery basset hound doesn't eat them! :lol: