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    WTB-Many different cuttings

    TO start my own plants. Tell me what you have.:D
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    Rhubarb roots!

    I would like to find some rhubarb to grow-my grandfather came over and was talking about it. This is the one thing that we have not grown yet.. I will pay shipping etc. Thanks:D
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    Poppy and sand?

    Will they grow in sand? Do they like dry dry dirt?:/
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    CHERRY tree OMG!!!!!!!!!

    We just found out today that my grandfather must have planted a cherry tree at our-(we bought the after he passed) house! This is exciting only because there are only 4 trees on the whole property 2 pine and one maple and a cherry!!!! I just noticed the fruits today. Oh boy are they good.:D
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    Hens and chicks to trade!

    I have alot of hens and chicks. I was wondering if anyone would like to trade any plants?:D I am talking about hens and chicks the plants not animals:P
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    AM I too LAte?(Pumpkins)

    I always thought that you planted pumpkins by July 1 for a crop. Am I wrong-im in Michigan. Any tips would be nice.:/
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    Salsa Recipe?

    Jalepenos,cilantro,yellow red and green bell with onions-ias there a such recipe for canning?
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    Blueberry bushes?

    Does anyone know where to get some-less than 15 dollars a plant though? I found were to buy roots but they go by 2 3 or 4 year plants whats going to be the difference? Any help would be great.:)
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    Dahlias proanyone?

    How do they grow-bought 6 different tubers-packages with not alot of info on them. Are they going to bushes strait stem flowers? How tall will they get. Any thing else that would be helpful!
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    Tomatoe and Jalepeno canning recipe?

    Does anyone have one? Tried looking online and couldnt really find what im looking for.