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  1. flowerbug

    Smoked Salmon Sushi!

    that makes sense, but if you do want a larger gathering sometime you can just ask people who have sensitivities to make a dishes to pass (of things they can eat). i live with someone who doesn't eat much spicy anything and i love chili peppers and other spicy foods, i just have to keep some hot...
  2. flowerbug

    Hornad’s garden 2024

    i like the habit of the plant, but i've not been able to grow them here - i only tried once and after seeing how little they can produce i've not bothered to try to find a variety more suited to our climate and season length. so i have to just look at pictures online... :)
  3. flowerbug


    i normally wake up thinking it might be 2am or later and find out it's just midnight.
  4. flowerbug

    Your Weather, 2024

    mid-April is the earliest for the peas, but like now, we do get bouts of frosts so peas can go in first and then i'll wait until there are no more forecasts of frost for a week before i'll try the beans, knowing that perhaps they may get frosted again once or twice. tomorrow we have to mow and...
  5. flowerbug

    Your Weather, 2024

    i saw some snow coming down a bit ago, but nothing major. frosts in the forecast for the next several nights. it went from nice and 70sF to cold and frosty. i guess waiting to plant the peas and first beans is ok now.
  6. flowerbug


    white wild onion... the habit i see in the fools onion is the flowers are upright, while the wild onion is more drooping over like in your picture... so that is my best guess. :) there's a lot of onion/alliums!
  7. flowerbug

    Goin' to the Dogs!

    purrfect! ok, furrfect!
  8. flowerbug

    Allergies to Avoid

    :) yes, grasses get me too. some of them bloom here even in the winter if it is nice enough outside. i just pulled some of them out of the edge of a garden where they were growing like weeds and they already had developed seeds on them... the more regular grasses seem to bloom about the same...
  9. flowerbug

    Allergies to Avoid

    and that sure does come down thick too. there are a lot of trees around (and some i react to). the maple is the one that seems to get me the worst. there's one right along the north hedge and most years when i'm out in the gardens and it is pollinating my nose is running like a faucet. when...
  10. flowerbug

    Somehow, It's Funny that Way

    pretty much you've guessed about as well as i would. :)
  11. flowerbug

    Your Weather, 2024

    yesterday was another warm enough day to be outside getting some more weeding done. also thinned out some plants to let the light in for the groundcover. last night's forecast of rain actually did happen with more chances today and early evening. then we're maybe clear for rains until...
  12. flowerbug

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    my legs are sore but it's the good kind of sore that reminds you that you did something for a change.
  13. flowerbug

    Allergies to Avoid

    unfortunately i have to, lilacs are really bad for me, almost all other flowering plants can be suspect, so i have to verify first. lavender is also not the best for me but i can at least tolerate small doses of it. right now the daffodils are the strongest scented flower out there that i have...
  14. flowerbug

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    another beautiful day and some i could garden. :)
  15. flowerbug

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    i did get some gardening in today. beautiful weather. glad to be outside. :)
  16. flowerbug

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    right, they can get through some smaller gaps and chicken wire up 18 inches isn't going to keep them out if they already know there are yummy eats in there.
  17. flowerbug

    Can you clone tulips?

    they are so beautiful and so many varieties. :) you may find that after the flower finishes (cut it off right at the top near the petals, but leave all the leaves alone as much as possible) that when reforming the bulb and flower for the next year that there will be little bulblets also...
  18. flowerbug

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    yeah, they can be a real challenge to deter or remove. what kind of fencing do you have?
  19. flowerbug

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    i have at times fed grass clods through the worm farm buckets... :)
  20. flowerbug

    Phaedra's Adventure

    not if they get too hot and too dry too fast. my experience with TF is that once you have an infected bulb/plant that you will not easily rescue it. i tried with several hundred bulbs and had some small success but never recovered enough or ever could eradicate it. to improve conditions...