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    Mini Farming, Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 acre

    Yes, I have this book too, it's good! (altho I can't imagine how anyone can actually do all the things the author suggests) ;)
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    May the Catalogs roll in....

    Baker Creek! :ya
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    How long can I keep carrots in the garden?

    This was my first year for carrots, & I definitely did not plant enough!! I only have about 3-4 left out in my raised bed, & the frost doesn't seem to faze them in the least. They took a lot of attention to get going (I covered the seeds with wet newspaper until they sprouted, it took about 2...
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    Any use for sliding glass doors?

    I would definitely not throw them away...a purpose will come to you when you least expect it. :) We still kick ourselves that we've thrown away old windows, once we realized we could've used them for a greenhouse. (Luckily, DH had someone who was remodeling give him about 8 old windows so now...
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    fall and winter lettuce

    My spinach is doing great, as is Parris Island romaine. I sure wish I had some of your Red Sails!!!!! :drool
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    Hot weather melons?

    I'm looking for recommendations on melons that do well in a hot, humid climate (besides the usual watermelons & cantelope). I read the thread about the Asian melons from Baker Creek (yes, I'm getting sucked in by the pretty pictures ;) ); Rich Sweetness & Sakata's Sweet were suggested, I think...
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    We have baby bunnies!

    AWWWWWWWWWW!!! :love
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    What aren't you growing next year?

    Yeah, I've been told that! ;) Problem is, I've had no success growing them from seed, & the nurseries here don't have any seedlings out anymore! :( hoodat - what are potato onions?? :hu
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    My compost is full of fat curly maggots??

    I turned one of my compost piles yesterday & found bunches of big fat grubs, too. I was going to pick them out & give the chickies a treat, then I thought about hoodat's comment that they might be more useful where they are, so I left 'em. Sorry chickies! :lol:
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    Boatload of Greens

    Thanks for reminding me - gotta plants some lettuce this weekend!! :D
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    What aren't you growing next year?

    Broccoli. Tooooo frustrating. Never have gotten an edible floret; the chickens won't even eat 'em! :P Taters covered by straw instead of dirt. Nada, nothing, bubkis! :(
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    But who's counting....?? :lol: Oops, sorry...probably not very funny for someone with so many pests...:/
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    Red "powder" on top of soil

    Interesting, & coincidental...I just noticed a patch of this yesterday next to the chicken coop! :/
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    Pressure canning dried beans

    Obviously you've never met my DH. His favorite flavor is "burnt"; he burns things deliberately b/c he likes the taste!! :sick :lol:
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    Pecan Trees

    Man, I would loooooove to have a pecan tree!! Lucky you!! :bun
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    hi there:)

    Welcome! :frow
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    Sick chicken - I'm at a loss

    I'm so sorry for your loss. :hugs I have a chicken who acted like that earlier this year. Just went "catatonic." Just stood for hours, staring into space, not eating or walking around. I put her in a crate in my house, & she just got better on her own, & is still with me. Who knows...? :idunno