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    Southern Magnolia leaves

    Has anyone used Southern Magnolia leaves in compose or for mulch? I have always used Live Oak leaves but I have loads of these big leaves that I have always burned.
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    Help With Canning Basics?

    Check the thrift stores. I know of two people finding pressure canners there. One looked like new. Mitch
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    Newbie, just want to say Hi!

    Colorado to Key West? I rode my bike from Pensacola to Key West years ago and that was enough for me. I guess I am not a real biker. For the past two years we have had dry summers and my garden and water well suffered. This year I am trying something different. In addition to my regular garden...
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    Help With Canning Basics?

    When I started canning I used the Ball book. Good basic start that explains everything. When the internet became available I started using it to find more exotic canning ideas. When I was looking for a pressure canner I saw the prices of the good ones and choked. The first mistake I made was...
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    Newbie, just want to say Hi!

    Hey Kim, I live on the other end of the Gulf Coast. East of Pensacola. The tourist guides call it the "Emerald Coast", Ole Timers call it "L. A." and the tourist call it the "Redneck Riviera". I call it Home. We have the purest white sand beaches with emerald colored water. The area still has a...
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    Newbie, just want to say Hi!

    Hi Kim, I'm new to the site also and have enjoyed reading the posts. I have had my garden in for a month now and I am walking the rows every day looking and waiting. Wish you well with yours, Mitch
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    Do you know this tree? Maybe called a Chinaberry?

    Hey Linda, I live on the Emerald Coast of Florida (The Redneck Riviera) and know the Chinaberry tree well. The berries made excellent slingshot ammo for our childhood slingshot wars. The trees are not as common here as they were when I was a kid and we never considered them "invasive". I have...
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    Confederate Roses

    I got this from a web site and used it for my Confederate roses and they have grown very well. "Use a good basic planting mixture of 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 sharp sand and 1/3 organic matter (compost, peat moss, manure, etc.). At the bottom of the hole put 1 cup of Super Phosphate. Water in well as...
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    Okra Seeds?

    I also soak mine overnight before planting.