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    Hello. I am new and am wondering

    My hens don't hurt the plants once they have grown and become established, but they will do a number on new little sprouts. They consider it a gourmet buffet! Good luck to you :)
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    Recipe for Hot Chow Chow?

    Thank you! I've been so busy the past couple of weeks, I haven't been back to check on my thread. We had two refrigerators go out this week, one containing all the produce i've picked to be canned this weekend. Ugh.. I'll try both, thank you!
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    Recipe for Hot Chow Chow?

    Does anyone have a good recipe for hot chow chow? My hubby recently bought a jar from an Amish store that he really liked, and I cannot find anything that seems to duplicate it. The jar we have has green tomatoes, celery, carrots, peppers and some other things that are cut to small for me to...
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    Stinky Compost?

    Is it possibly too wet? When my pile gets rank, it is because I let it get too wet, and the anaerobic bacteria start partying in there. If that is the case, turn it a little more frequently and add some more dry browns to it to get things settled down again, and if you can, cover the top with...
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    when to put up greenhouse?

    Oh! I want a greenhouse so bad! If I had received one for Christmas, it would probably have been up that evening :) Have fun with it!
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    Seed starting ***Update on Page 2***

    I just want to chime in with a tip I learned last year (my only successful year with starting anything and having it live once in the garden). I put two small fans blowing on my seedlings to strengthen their stems. I positioned the fans so that they were receiving airflow from both directions...
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    Sweet Potato Slips???

    Everyone says that you cannot grow sweet potatoes from chunks, but I have done it and had a good crop. The chunks I planted did have small sprouts, which probably qualifies as a slip. I think it is misleading to say that you cannot put chunks in the ground and have a plant grow.
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    Anybody cook outdoors in a dutch oven? UPDATE!

    I have two dutch ovens that go on every camping trip that we take during the year. I absolutely love mine! Basically, cook anything in it that you would bake or roast in your oven at home. I have a chart (for charcoal) that makes a good guideline for how much heat you are building inside, but...
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    "Icebox" sized melon experience anybody?

    I thought all watermelons were single serving :lol: I agree, you can't go wrong with the sugar babies. Not only are they super sweet, but they stay small and produce quite a few melons. I love the color of the rinds too, makes a striking piece of melon with the deep green rind and deep red flesh.
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    The Great Cold Frame Experiment

    Hi, I am brand spanking new to this forum, but I recognize you from BYC and SS (i think)! I didn't know that this forum existed, and I am so excited to find it. I have been wanting to experiment with a cold frame myself, actually, have been wanting to enclose my compost pile in glass or...