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    I'm so excited!!

    I often compare my chickens to my garden, i think I am more personally obsessed with my chickens but more fascinated with my garden. They have different needs and its a good trade out. I love them both! Andy:)
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    Most every thing has been covered but I would add that a serious pest is the White Fly and it is very persistent after an infestation. Yellow leaves is often a sign of lack of iron, uncommon in acidic soil but it does occur. They are beautiful and smell like heaven but have some real issues to...
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    Native Louisiana Iris

    Is anyone here interested in Native Louisiana Iris? They are very accommodating, beautiful, easy to grow and there are many sources online to get started. I have been growing them actively for over 40 years. They are easy to divide. They are easy to breed, and to hybridize, and there is a...
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    why are onion peelings not allowed in compost piles

    If your compost bin is separate from the gardening area and if you only add compost that has been thoroughly decomposed, you shouldn't have any problem with disease even if the onion or potatoes included actually had a disease. The heat factor, the abundance of microorganisms and the lack of...
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    Have lost ALL of Babygirl's chicks.

    Dachshunds were specifically bred over several hundred years in Germany to kill small game, they have hunted rock squirrel, partridge, even wildcats! When a chicken enters the picture all the training in the world is just going against several hundred years of breeding as well as God given...