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    Baby Doves!

    Nice! I've got a 12 week old ringneck I found fallen from his nest in my goat pen. I handfed him and he decided to become a pet. You never would expect doves to have so much personality and intelligence, I'm surprised to find he's a lot like a parrot without the biting and moodiness.
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    Seed train like on BYC?

    I'll take your lime basil, riverman, been looking for some of that for a while. Offer: Jalapeno Sweet basil Mesclun salad mix Tomato "Brandywine" Pepper "Cayenne" Cantaloupe "Hales Best Jumbo" Ornamental Gourd Mix Zinnia mix
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    Hot Weather Beans and Peas ...

    I'm in zone 8 and peas are a winter/early spring crop here, I plant them in January. We've had kind of a weird cold winter though, so mine are just now starting to really take off and make peas.
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    I ran across a great deal on tomatoes at Lowe's just now...

    If it makes a medium sized red tomato that's not a roma type, it's probably "Early Girl" or "Celebrity", maybe "Better Boy". Those are the most typical varieties stores like that carry.
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    Raining on my hay %&*#

    It never fails to rain the day after I buy a truckload of hay. Never. :rolleyes: Hay prices west of the Rockies are pretty extreme compared to the midwest. I am currently paying $15 a bale for last year's alfalfa, 3 string bales that are about 100 pounds. I use almost two a week, not to mention...
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    How to plant garlic

    Yes, you pull the cloves apart and plant individually. I usually buy garlic bulbs from the produce aisle of the grocery store and plant those, it's way cheaper than seed garlic. We have mild winters, so I plant mine in the fall and harvest in early summer.
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    Chayote sprouting

    Thanks! I figured you might know what to do with it, you seem to know about all the uncommon garden plants. This should be an interesting adventure.
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    Chayote sprouting

    I was given a chayote fruit and it sat on the counter a long time while I figured out exactly what to do with it...and now it is sprouting! Anyone have any experience with these? I want to plant it and see what it will do.
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    Anyone have fenugreek? Other 'medicinal' herbs to trade?

    Thank you...I actually found some at an organic food store. I haven't tried cooking with it yet, but I find it really makes my goats produce more milk when they eat it.
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    Well that's a neat surprise...

    Pretty! I have room for one more kind of watermelon in my garden...?
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    First popples soon (I hope)

    I've never heard that as a term for baby bunnies either. When I was a kid, there used to be a line of stuffed toys called Popples.
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    For those of you who want seed potatoes from the grocery store

    Is there a purple that actually stays purple when cooked? All the purple potatoes I have tried turn white when cooked.
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    Dutch Gardens sent me

    Yes there is. They're a smaller variety than the big German irises. And usually way cheaper too. I love the big irises, but wow they cost a lot.
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    The tomatoes are up! Pictures

    Yay! Mine popped up yesterday too, even though I had them planted directly in the garden and it snowed on them last weekend. Now the long wait for fresh homegrown tomatoes...
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    Sprouting Sweet Potatoes

    If they were purchased from a grocery store, they are likely treated with a chemical to inhibit sprouting. (Unless they are organic) This does wear off with time, which is why those really old potatoes you accidentally forgot about will sometimes start to sprout. I always grow mine from the...
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    Starter Seedling Prices

    Walmart here wants almost $4 for a SINGLE strawberry plant. And then when no one buys them after a couple of weeks, rather than marking them down, they just throw them in the trash. And they put a lock on the dumpster so you can't go get them....I checked. :lol: The last time I checked in, the...
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    AARRRGGGHHH! It's snowing!!

    It did the same thing here. It was 100 degrees and then two days later it snowed for two days straight. I had just planted a lot of plants and shaved my milking goats. The weather's been crazy for a while here.
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    Seed train like on BYC?

    I realized there's a couple of trades a few pages back that I managed to never send the seeds out for...they are on their way now! Sorry, I got busy and disorganized.
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    Super cheap seeds!

    Walmart has those seeds here for 20 cents. Apparently they are not made by the seed company called "American Seed" even though that's the name on the packet. I went to American's website and they had a big disclaimer at the top saying that they are not the manufacturer of the 10 and 20 cent packets.
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    do capsicum survive frost?

    No, they probably won't survive a frost without some protection. They are a desert plant really, and they love heat. If you want to keep them alive through a freeze, cover them with some mulch, and then put a sheet of plastic or a blanket over them. You could also put a plastic milk/juice/soda...