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    garlic question

    Has it bloomed? I was told that if you plant in the spring harvest after the flower in the fall, or plant in the fall and wait til the bloom in the spring. Momma's comes up by itself in spring and then we wait til the late summer/fall to pullup. GPN :)
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    Seed train like on BYC?

    This train rolling or just on BYC?
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    :( i did not eat it cause i could not find hard facts it was good then. Waiting for it to grow again! GPN
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    Found in flower bed after a shower of rain ,In Blount County Alabama. I need help to know what this mushroom is
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    Blue sweet potatoes (pic)

    might been the cook not the tater ;)
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    what did we grow???? UPDATE: new pics!

    The pollen parts are different if you look at the pictures you post and the open flower picture posted :) I have Rose Of Sharon seeds dring on ours right now, I have the white, purple, and pink. PM me and I will send some out to you
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    what did we grow???? UPDATE: new pics!

    WOW pretty picture of your Rose of Sharon
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    Purple Peppers, or Garlic

    Also want Long Island Cheese Pumpkin seeds
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    Tips for growing shallots?

    chickcritty is from Eugene. Thier garden
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    what did we grow???? UPDATE: new pics!

    Rose of Sharon, when it blooms on out show more pictures!!
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    Suggestions for Newbie please

    What seeds are you looking for, and how much would it cost to send ya some in Belize?
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    Jerusalem Artichockes

    :D Post some pictures please, now of the plant and later for the flower please!
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    Names and Faces - Post your picture here!

    :/ Well I ain't a redhead did not notice that in the picture :/ My hair is a sandy blondeish color DigitS` where is your real Picture?? :D nevermind my puter was not showing yours :D
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    Names and Faces - Post your picture here!

    This is me, I took the picture from a delay setting in March! :rolleyes: I am always behind the camera. My hair is shorter now, cause momma cut it for me. GPN Vanessia
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    My Peppers harvest! Jalapeno, cayenne, bouquet, and posiettia Peppers My Pink rose! Sorry they were on BYC, I am GFM over there has more storeage! :D
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    Pictures of my garden-I kinda went crazy with the camera!

    We eat them as green beans and momma shells some when they dry out in the garden and addes them to her green beans. If you pm me your address I will get them in the mail tomorrow
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    Anybody grow egyptian walking onions??

    {the empty looking area of the pot can see the blades coming up} I have 5 walking onions up I planted like the 27th of last month and still have 5 in the garden that are growing again! GPN
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    Pictures of my garden-I kinda went crazy with the camera!

    well today i have dill, castor beans (to rid the moles), rose of sharon tree seed mixed colors, burpless cumumber,carnival pepper mix, have other hot peppers but can't put my hand on them at this moment, lets see.....Eastern Red bud tree seeds, silk tree, ummmm......trumpets when they dry...
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    Anybody grow egyptian walking onions??

    :D Momma did not pull them all from the garden :D she did not mean to leave them there cause she wants them in a different area next year, so it rained today I will move the onions later to the other spot but I had already bought more before I found them so we have plenty now!! :D I have some in...