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    plans to make a roadside stand

    Just do it, that's how we started. You don't need alot of land to produce an abundance, and you have the right attitude to make it work for you. It's quite rewarding when you make enough to cover the cost of what you planted for yourself. Good luck, feel free to contact me if I can be of any...
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    USDA Sued over approval of GMO Alfalfa

    While I totally disagree with Monsanto and what they are doing, IMO they are just the GMO/terminator seed scapegoat and the .gov is enabling this to happen. If everyone was properly educated on the ramifications of GMO's, etc. then the majority wouldn't consume the products and Monsanto would...
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    Plant sales, seed swaps, events, etc.

    Where is the best place to post up info with regards to group plant sales/seed swaps, educational events, etc.?
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    Pictures of our greenhouse reconstruct

    Very nice, we are building a bigger greenhouse this year and I keep bouncing back and forth between the hoop style and "barn" style.
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    Easter Egg Hunting Is Suspended This Year

    :gig - That's so bad, but I laugh every time I see it.
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    Honeybees For sale...?

    They are a little far north, but are very nice people and may be able to help:
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    New to the Forum from NH

    We won't have the Dexters until next Spring. I have been doing some research and while I agree the gene pool is small, it is growing and there are some responsible breeders out there that are improving the stock. We will see, I guess.
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    New to the Forum from NH

    The Dexters are a dual purpose breed, as are our heritage poultry breeds, and they will be used as such, milk and beef. Thanks.
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    New to the Forum from NH

    Our main garden is about 4000 sq ft, and we have three 10x20 raised beds and are adding three more this year. We are also adding an 8x8 raised bed for our 2 boys.... last year my oldest son (6) said he wanted to have his own garden, so he dug up an area on our land by himself and I gave him...
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    New to the Forum from NH

    Hello all, My family and I have a "micro farm" (about 2 acres cleared) here in Southern NH. We plant only heirloom varieties of vegetables and use no chemicals or pesticides on our property. We save seed and are working towards creating a sustainable food plan for our property. We also raise...