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    Tomato hornworm damage... but no worm

    And look "above" the poop too, since well... you know... gravity and all. lol Those little devils are masters at hiding. And my chickens (who eat everything) have to debate with themselves for a moment before deciding that the hornworms are edible. I can't really see a tiny wild bird doing...
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    Tomato hornworm damage... but no worm

    They're there somewhere. I have better luck finding them at night with a flashlight (they seem to be nocturnal feeders).
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    They Are Growing!!

    Oh what pretty flowers!
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    tomatoes on livestock panel trellis

    So jealous right now!
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    6/20/11 UPDATE on Hummingbird Chicks in Nest!! (PIX)Update post #1

    Oh you lucky soul! How cool is that???
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    Question on watering

    My garden is taking a beating right now with the 96* temps and no rain for weeks. I bought a cheap sprinkler timer from the big blue oversized store (I think it was $10-$12). I turn it on to run for half an hour or so before I leave the house in the mornings. Works like a charm.
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    Need help with Hollyhocks

    My hollyhock seeds started wonderfully indoors. I think you'll have some luck with them. Have you tried testing the seeds for viability between two paper towels?
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    Welcome to my garden. . .

    I am green with envy.
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    Garden Score!

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    Chicken tractor for Raised Bed

    My plan is to build one out of PVC, covered with some type of netting and use it more like a "day pen" than a full blown coop. With a 4x8 bed, you couldn't put more than two or three birds in it anyway.
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    Questions from the newbie!

    My tomatoes seem to have been just stuck at a certain place until they got out in the garden. Even then, it took them a while to get going, but once they start growing, they take off like rockets. The hardening off is something that I would certainly love to find a way around! I'm not nearly...
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    New to the forum - already have a question

    Greetings, Blake! Sorry, but I have no advice to offer on your question.
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    GAH - Can I at least get some blooms going...

    ... before the dang squash bugs show up? Really??? Ugh!
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    I ran across a great deal on tomatoes at Lowe's just now...

    I have talked myself into going back today and picking some up since I have two of my heirloom plants that are clearly going to be a bust. I'll keep you all informed. :D
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    Flowers on Zucchini!

    Now I assume that I can't just go all King Herod on all the squash flowers right? Surely, my baby squash need some daddy flowers to go with the mommy flowers.
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    Flowers on Zucchini!

    Huh. Off to Google recipes now.