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  1. jojo54

    Using the greenhouse all summer long

    Yes Steve, I'm working on my last year's cabbage and potatoes. I also just started the last bag of carrots in the fridge from last year. This year's garden is later than usually because of the cool weather this spring. We are eating spinach already (volunteer that Lulu is sharing with us) and...
  2. jojo54

    He's BAAAAck!

    :weee Welcome! :throw Welcome! :rose Welcome back! :ya Been watching for you daily! :bouquet Glad you're on the mend! :rainbow-sun :thumbsup :happy_flower
  3. jojo54


    Just got back from 10 days away for my mom's 80th birthday and had to check on Hoodie. :fl Here's hoping and praying everything went well. :bouquet
  4. jojo54

    New Wind Chime

    I bought a bamboo one in Hawaii and loved it! Great sound and great memories!
  5. jojo54

    Newbie from Indiana

    :welcome welcome from BC, Canada! :frow
  6. jojo54

    Take a good look

    Not a bad looking dude - with or without feathers ;) You're the same person inside - the one we've come to love, admire and enjoy! Take care, take it easy and get well. God bless. :thumbsup :bouquet
  7. jojo54

    Greens greens greens and nothing to eat them

    :caf :fl Hoping and praying for a speedy and painless recovery. Take care. :bouquet
  8. jojo54

    Travelling with my chicken Lulu

    Lulu and I travel together all the time. Last fall we were in Swan Hills and I got a bunch of pics of her there. I wrote a short, short story to go with the pics. I have been without a completely working computer for several months until my new laptop finally arrived. So I just posted the...
  9. jojo54

    Rabbit herds sheep

    Has anyone seen this video about a rabbit herding sheep? I first saw it on WIMP a few days ago. Amazing!
  10. jojo54

    New girl on the block!

    :welcome welcome from BC, Canada :frow
  11. jojo54

    Puff Ball

    :ep Holy puffball, Batman! That's one huge baby!
  12. jojo54

    Chicken Ice Capades

    :clap :lau I love chickens running but never seen them on ice. That would be a funny sight indeed!
  13. jojo54

    Favorite recipe for turnips anyone?

    I like them roasted with other veggies - carrots, sweet potatoes, onion is my usual mix with them but you could use whether you want, I've used potatoes, parsnips, etc. Just cut veggies into chunks and roast either in a baking pan with a lid or for easier cleanup just wrap them in foil. I add...
  14. jojo54

    Part of what kept me busy for 2011..Goat/Kid pic's

    what sweeties! :love
  15. jojo54

    My poor Maizy

    thoughts are prayers headed your way. :hugs Hope all goes well at the vet! :fl
  16. jojo54

    Another Hi From Indiana!

    :welcome welcome from BC, Canada :frow
  17. jojo54

    I just can't contain my excitment....

    :thumbsup :weee :celebrate :woot great news! I'd love to get some new chickie babies but need to wait to get the fence and run fixed up so we don't have the disaster I had last year and lost all my girls. My DH is working away so it'll be awhile until we can get things redone. :hide I...
  18. jojo54

    Weather. A little unreal . . .

    Woke up to snow this morning and the weather channel saying cold weather is coming! Predicting -20 to -30C! BRRR! :hit
  19. jojo54

    Another newbie from BYC

    :welcome welcome from BC, Canada :frow
  20. jojo54

    Newbie here

    :welcome welcome from BC, Canada :frow