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  1. ohiogoatgirl

    Little White Lie

    when i was a kid (about 6 i think) and i stopped drinking milk. nothing in the world would get me to drink milk. one day someone in the family told me "oh but this isnt milk. its white juice" and sure enough i wanted some of the cool new white juice.... :rolleyes:
  2. ohiogoatgirl

    How a potato plant does not grow.

    i thought that looked like a drawn tomato plant... :P reading things before i saw the pic i was wondering if this was about the potato/tomato plants. the ones they splice the tomato plant on the top of a potato plant. like tree grafting. and you get tomatoes on the plant and potatoes in the...
  3. ohiogoatgirl

    Use of Cassava and Sweet Potatoes in Animal Feeding

    found this and thought y'all might like it. Use of Cassava and Sweet Potatoes in Animal Feeding
  4. ohiogoatgirl

    Decorative or Edible...Sweet Potato Vines?

    :ep THATS SOME DANG HUGE SWEET TATERS!!! love to know what variety and where ya got your starts at! i am wanting to grow some for vines and tubers for my livestock. and being not as sweet would be *perfect* plus they are just HUGE!!!
  5. ohiogoatgirl

    Natural lice remedy?

    my family always used mayo and shampoo. just put a towel around your shoulders and slap mayo on your hair until its covered roots to tips. then add plenty of shampoo. warning though if you use suave green apple shampoo then people will ask who smells like apples when you walk by for days...
  6. ohiogoatgirl

    show me your strawberries! :)

    i got some rooty things at walmart. i think its about 10 of them. i'm in ohio and have never grown any berries before. anyone care to share pics of their berry patches? i'd love to get some ideas from you all :) and after hearing some things from locals i am going to be building an ark of sorts...
  7. ohiogoatgirl

    OHIO! RABBITS! dutch, lionhead, and crosses

    i have one black dutch doe, one black dutch buck, one agouti dutch buck. nice solid bodies. nice shape. born jan 22, 2012. can be bought any time! ready to go! mother is steel, father is chocolate. have a litter of 4 black dutch and 1 steel dutch. too young to sex yet. born march 17, 2012...
  8. ohiogoatgirl

    button quail?

    hm... okay button quail idea has been scrapped. lol. i had looked into coturnix quail before but had not been able to find anyone with them. and quite honestly i dont want to buy an incubator and eggs and everything needed to house them, etc. ...and then end up with cooked eggs i've never done...
  9. ohiogoatgirl

    button quail?

    thanks for the thoughts and info :) i am doing alot of research on them but not finding much. and the little bit i am finding online on websites seems to be opposite what i am seeing as to answers where i have asked this on several forums. i had looked into coturnix quail a little while back...
  10. ohiogoatgirl

    button quail?

    hello everyone i am wondering about button quail. i saw an ad for some on CL and hadnt heard of them. so of course, curious me, goes and looks them up. i'm not finding a whole lot of information on them. its like three people with them shared their info and then the rest of the web just...
  11. ohiogoatgirl

    how long to wait to use rabbit manure in the garden?

    i was just wondering how long you wait? or how long you are supposed to wait.. if at all. i am wanting to put the manure around plants. also can i use it in pots to start plants? i heard some places that it is considered a "cold" manure and can be used straight on plants. thoughts? thanks! btw...
  12. ohiogoatgirl

    i'm gettin rabbits! ~got em! and a question...

    went to get the rabbits finally. well the hutch with the lionheads was bigger than the lady told me over the phone. course she just guessed it because she couldnt find her tapemeasure. so we only took one seat out of the van not two. so the hutch would not fit. so i will be going back on...
  13. ohiogoatgirl

    i'm gettin rabbits! ~got em! and a question...

    @ hoodat oh thats neat! i was thinking that with the lionheads since they arent ARBA recognized there really isnt any standards for them. i could breed em to larger meat rabbits and have a large, poofy, colorful breed. good for meat and pretty hides to tan. :P
  14. ohiogoatgirl

    i'm gettin rabbits! ~got em! and a question...

    i now have feeders, waterers, feed, clean barn (well at least where they are going. lol), hay bales ready, calender up in the barn,.... bought four small dog carriers at walmart. and have a slightly larger one already. the larger one will be for the momma and kits. picking them up tomorrow! SO...
  15. ohiogoatgirl

    i'm gettin rabbits! ~got em! and a question...

    oh i willpost plenty of pics when i get them! haha. :) thanks hoodat. i am on rabbittalk as well. and about 13 other forums of various topic. :P
  16. ohiogoatgirl

    i'm gettin rabbits! ~got em! and a question...

    i am getting a chocolate dutch buck, steel dutch doe, and her 4 kits that are about 2 wks old, and two cages. as well as a harlequin lionhead buck, two broken black lionhead does, and a hutch for them. AND ALL THAT FOR $150!!! the dutchs come from the sweetpea lines. not sure what that means...
  17. ohiogoatgirl

    when to start mustard?

    hm... think i may direct sow some and start some indoors. see which works better. thanks!
  18. ohiogoatgirl

    when to start mustard?

    hello! i have some "oriental greens jiu tou niao mustard" seed. i got it from baker creek/ but i cant seem to figure when to plant it... the packet says it is not heat tolerant and will bolt similar to cabbage. also same for frosts. does best in spring or fall conditions. matures in...
  19. ohiogoatgirl

    i'm on youtube :)

    i'm in harrison county