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  1. flgardengirl

    Have you ever used a heat mat?

    You can also use heat tape and cut it as long as you want it to be to fit your shelves. Here is a video on using it for reptile heating- it shows how to put it together. It can be used for a lot of things besides reptiles though like plants, incubators etc...
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    Tahitian Tiare Gardenias

    My gardenias are just starting to flower here. Nothing like the scent of gardenias!!
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    Propagation / Rooting From Grape Vine (PICTURES OF THE ONLY SURVIVOR)

    I have a way to root all kinds of vines that I like to use. First get a rubbermaid or tupperware container at least 3-4 inches deep. Then use the soft floral foam (light green) and cut it to fit tightly into the container. While it is in the container cut into 1 inch blocks with a knife. Put...
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    Starting Seeds Indoors

    HI, i have a couple of biodomes from Parks as well. I use them for alot of my tropicals seeds that take awhile to germinate and need to stay moist but not overly so, so they don't rot. I took a sharpie and wrote numbers above each hole in the stryrofoam holder thingy. Then in a notebook I write...
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    Gardenias like acidic soil that is very well drained and high in organic matter. You can grow them in pots and overwinter in a greenhouse if you live up north. I give mine a little miracid (or the miracle grow for azaleas) about once a month during the growing season. They also can get iron...
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    Blue Tomato seed for sale

    Hi, they finally showed up today. They look to be in really good shape. Thank you I am really excited to try these. Someone on another forum posted some photos of some they bought somewhere. They look really cool..very purply blue. They said they make nice salad tomatoes.
  7. flgardengirl

    Is This Cute Or What!!?

    LOL talk about snatching someone bald headed :D
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    Funny story from my "Chicken Sitter" neighbor.

    Oh I wish I knew about the egg gourds last summer. We had a humongous black snake eating eggs from one of the temporary nest boxes that we made from a milk crate. The only way we caught the snake was because he tried to get out of the milk crate through one of the holes and got stuck lol. He was...
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    My friend from Calif sent me Cardoon seeds a few yrs ago. I dont think they liked it here. They did good for awhile and then when it got real hot and humid during the summer, they sorta petered out.
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    Blue Tomato seed for sale

    Hopefully you remembered to send mine. Sent paypal around the 4th. Still waiting lol.
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    Purple Peppers, or Garlic

    I grew purple jalepenos last year. Man they were way hotter than the regular ones and very pretty and prolific. I got the seeds from Totally Tomatoes they weren't that much.
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    I have a variegated lemon that has striped outer rind and pink flesh on the lemon but when I juiced them the juice is the regular color. It was supposed to be pink juice but it isn't, the flesh is a pretty pink though. I like my meyer lemon the best. I would grow it just for the blooms alone...
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    New in Florida

    I'm in NE FL. It does freeze here in the winter but is mostly pretty mild. Summers are the worst time for gardening when it is muggy and hot and all my tomatoes die lol.
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    Seed starting ***Update on Page 2***

    I start tomatoes and peppers under grow lights with peat pellets in the little greenhouse thingys and then move them up to clear plastic cups with holes poked in the bottoms for drainage. You use sharpie to mark the names on the cups. You can wash and reuse the cups later and just wipe the...
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    Fig Tree Propagation

    I propagate mine just by cutting off the ends of branches and dipping them into rooting hormone and putting them in pots of peat and perlite and setting them in the shade. I keep the pots semi damp. It is humid enough here that I don't need to tent them with a clear bag or anything. When I lived...
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    Grow Lights and Stands

    I just use a couple of cheap wire adjustable shelves and shop lights fitted with grow light bulbs hung from chains with s hooks so they are adjustable. I have also used regular flourescent lights but set them closer to the plants. I grow my own tomato and pepper seedlings as well as lots of...
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    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Beautiful citrus trees. I have several small ones that I have potted even though they do well here in the ground lol. I didnt actually plant anything today but yesterday I repotted up several night blooming jasmine and maid or orleans jasmine cuttings that finally took off and got too big for...