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    Adventures in Soil Blocking

    How would you find out the pH of your soil? Like a tag on the bag, or is there a test you can do?
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    Branching Out's Seeds and Sprouts

    What soil are you using for these little seedling cups? -CR
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    Baymule’s Farm

    Sorry to hear about the storms heading your way. I saw the damages from the Oklahoma suburbs and rural homes, quite nasty. Hope you and your family stay safe. -CR
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Me and my grandparents finally got down weeding the grass about a week or two ago. My grandmother doesn't like the chemicals most use and thinks it's bad for any new plants you're trying to grow. So, we've been using these fork-like pullers that grip the weed from the bottom of their roots and...
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    Ah gotta love the depressing winter season. No fluffy white snow that keeps the season bright.
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    Phaedra's Adventure

    I love the orange cake, how'd you do the frosting? My grandpa often cooks, and I'd like to try again sometime soon. Wonder if I can find any southern type recipes that he'd might like.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    You have any idea what caused all then to die off?
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    Getting a new Plant

    Ok cool, think I'll go for keeping it inside. My gran said summers can be brutal. So, it might die if I try planting it outside in their garden. Thanks for the advice, Steve.
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    Hornad’s garden 2024

    What's the low hanging pink tree behind the garden? All looks scenic and very pretty.
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    A.M. Kuska's 2024 Garden

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I like the set up you have for your seedlings.
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    Seed starting-Tiny Marigolds and Zucchinis trying to grow flowers?

    How short in the season for growing in Alaska? Can only imagine what little you have to work with up there. Is the soil like rocky or is it rich?
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    Getting a new Plant

    Hey everyone, I was planning on getting a new plant to restart my gardening experience. I left my two plants up north during a move and haven't gotten to get new ones since. I want to get a blue hydrangea plant. I was looking for any tips or advice for getting this plant. I don't have much...
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    Hey Yall!

    Ah I see thank you.
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    Hey Yall!

    What's the BYC group? Like a Facebook page? Or another forum?
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    Newbie From Michigan

    Hello all, New kid on the block here, been learning about plants since my Mema gave me my first plant. Money tree, strange plant to have, almost never died. Kept it on the top shelf in my room and practically never watered it. Doing a lot better with plant care now, but one hell of a start. I...