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    Washingtonians - Spring Garden Party/Seed Exchange Planning

    That sounds interesting, but I'd like to know in advance what people might bring . . . it can be hard for me to find the time to get away for the day.
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    growing herbs in window boxes?

    There is a trailling form of rosemary that would be very cute in a window box, but it isn't as hardy as regular bushy types of rosemary. If you plan to bring it inside, though, it wouldn't be a problem.
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    growing herbs in window boxes?

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    I need to harvest 7 million calories!

    As others have basically said already, it might help to look at feeding your entire family from the garden as your LONG TERM goal and focus on short term goals that will help you get there . . . . I think you were smart to choose a tuber to start with, but you might want to try regular...
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    We don't eat celery very often, so usually what happens to me is if I buy some, I take a few stalks off to use and then the rest gets wasted. So for us, it is nice to have a fresh plant outside at all times. I grew a variety that has red stalks. I did not do anything to try make the stalks...
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    OMG, I'm just 2 min late. :/ ETA: Thank you Steve, for posting that. :)
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    Weather Where You Are

    I like the pineapple expresses (rain from Hawaii). Feels balmy outside! :D
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    Yes, and the bees love it too!
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    Yes, I got up this morning and was glad to note that the days won't be getting any shorter than this! I think there will be a flood of returning gardeners here as soon as the days start getting longer. Happy Holidays to you all! :D
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    :frow I grew it this year and it is one of the crops I plan to grow again next year. :) What I did was to start it indoors in late winter/early spring. Then when it was time to bring it outdoors, I planted it in a window box size pot -- 4 to the pot, spaced about 6" apart, more or less...
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    My first plant to take!

    :weee I love it when cuttings take. Well, I must say that cuttings can be hard. It helps if you have some really good information on the plant you want to take the cutting of . . . there is a great book for this called "Making More Plants " that I highly recommend. It is very informative...
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    traditional foods for the holiday season

    Right now I am also just buying the 5# bags, because I would have to drive to Seattle to get some really good flour in the 50# bag. But, with the holidays, the 5# bags were on sale for a good price so I stocked way up. :D Sourdough is addictive, isn't it? :)
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    My first Gardening Article! (Updated For TEG)

    Congratulations! :celebrate I look forward to reading it. I will probably just search for it after the fact, but who knows . . . maybe I will sign up at some point for the newsletters. I'm glad you are having fun and trying something new (writing). :coolsun
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    Rosemary questions

    I started some from seed this year. They are currently in 3" pots and I stuck them in some cute small glazed pots on my windowsill. They are doing great. I'm glad I didn't put them outside, as we have already had killing freezes again this year (not particularly normal for our area). I...
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    traditional foods for the holiday season

    I like this topic. Well, there is only one food that I have to have at Christmas (and then I can go all year until I have it again) . . . homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast! My mom used to make them some years, some years she wouldn't. I wanted them EVERY year. So now I try to bake them...
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    Tasty meals using fresh vegetables plus lurking left-overs! Add yours!

    HiDelight! That brine sounds yummy! :drool I have some smoked duck in my freezer I keep forgetting about. I should do something with it. However, I'm not a huge fan of goat cheese . . . any other ideas out there for using smoked duck?
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    Keeping Weight Off

    Wait a minute . . . this involves dress clothes???????? :th
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    sweet potatoes info

    Thanks for posting this. It reminds me that my husband wants to get into growing sweet potatoes at some point. I liked the information on growing slips. I may have to try this this year. While I was at the Canadian Gardening website, I saw a recipe for parsnip soup that sounded good too! :D
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    Keeping Weight Off

    Sign me up too! :gig However . . . I heard that years ago some woman in Australia, I think it was, died of hypothermia from eating a gallon of chocolate ice cream in one sitting. :P
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    Keeping Weight Off

    I don't think fasting is good advice. Sometimes I skip lunch, if I am not FAMISHED . . . but that is usually in the summer months. Harder to do in the winter. I hear weight lifting is good for calorie burning (the more muscle mass you have the faster you burn through calories . . . or...