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  1. CJW

    Stinky Compost?

    Whew! (Wipes brow!) Awesome! I let my boys come into the pile with me and put their hands near the "heat". They were amazed at how warm it was. They (and I!) are learning a lot! Thank you all again!
  2. CJW

    Stinky Compost?

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will look for a tarp the next time I get into the garage. (Might take a few days-it is supposed to be plenty cold for the next week or so, and I don't leave the house but to feed the chickens.) Also--When I turned my pile today, I noticed almost like a...
  3. CJW

    Stinky Compost?

    Hi! I just started my first compost pile with chicken poo and straw. I have turned it once, but it REEKS! It doesn't smell like the typical ammonia smell. But, I feel bad because the wind might take that smell to the neighbors. :/ I tried searching to see if this is normal, but I didn't...
  4. CJW

    turning compost in winter?

    I just turned my pile a couple days ago. This is my first time composting (straw and chicken poo), and when I turned it, there was steam coming off of it, so I know it is cooking. We have since gotten a few inches of snow, so I am going to wait until the snow melts off the top (we are supposed...
  5. CJW

    Freezing Excess Eggs

    Does the Water Glass make the eggs salty?
  6. CJW

    Composting Chicken Poo and straw

    I have a pile of straw and poo from my girls (and little dude), and I have been trying to keep it piled, but the girls keep going over and kicking it around, flattening it out. Every time I take straw out of the coop, I pile it back up there. Then the girls find it and have a field day. I try...
  7. CJW

    The Hugelkultur Experiment

    This is intriguing! I have a pile of pruned chokecherry branches that I have yet to dispose of...I wonder if I should put them down after I dig down about a foot...hmmmm....
  8. CJW

    Growing Tomato, Squash, and Cukes this year Vertically! Need ADVICE!!

    I apologize if this has been posted before, but I just came across this site, with several different types of supports and the advantages/disadvantanges.
  9. CJW

    Tomato Questions

    Thanks for the heads up regarding hole size. I am planning on 6x6 inch holes. If I can't find netting to suit my needs, I will make my own. (Add another thing to the list, right??)
  10. CJW

    Tomato Questions

    Oooh-after looking further into her (Catalina is her screen name on here) blog, she does have a tutorial on how to build it.. She uses t-stakes/posts as well. I might have to modify my design, since I don't have a pipe bender, but I will try to get photos of what I do come spring!
  11. CJW

    Tomato Questions

    I did see that when I was searching. I dont have any livestock panels or t-posts, so I would have to purchase all of them as well, and a panel costs about 30 dollars right now. It looks like a great set up, but I am trying to get mine to grow up rather than out. The trellis I plan on making...
  12. CJW

    Tomato Questions

    Sorry if these are out of order. I understand the mulch, but I guess the water thing will have to be trial and error. My mother in love waters every day with a sprinkler, and she had 6 staked tomato plants and she ended up giving us many of hers. She also doesn't make paste or sauce. I have...
  13. CJW

    Tomato Questions

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. I knew you all would give me loads to digest! Some points/answers: ~I am going to be ordering an organic sungold. I am not a raw tomato eater. My husband and 2 boys are, so that is why I am getting them. These seem to be the sweetest ones, so maybe I will try a...
  14. CJW

    Tomato Questions

    Hi! I have been searching for the answer to my questions, and it has been exhausting! You are all full of knowledge, so I figure I would stop searching and start asking! 1. I am planning on planting 3 different varieties of tomatoes. (Amish Paste, Sun Gold Cherry, and Cherokee Purple) I am...
  15. CJW

    Planting for chickens

    I am loving the ideas! I am planning on growing a large area of purslane for our salads, but will end up giving quite a bit to my birds.