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  1. Herbgardener


    I ordered some delphinium plants but the catalog does not tell me if I should plant them in full sun, full shade or in between. thank you!
  2. Herbgardener


    What I want to know is if I plant to varieties of grapes next to each other will they cross pollinate? Herbgardener
  3. Herbgardener

    Seed train like on BYC?

    I would like the zinnias! I don't have much to offer Here it is Some basil some organic cress and a few caster beans
  4. Herbgardener


    I am interested in buying large quantities of zinnia seed i got some last year and it did so well I am going to fill all the flower beds with it. Thank you Herbgadener
  5. Herbgardener

    does any one have cardoon?

    I would like to get some seed. If you have some let me know I live in MO
  6. Herbgardener

    Anyone need epazote (bean herb) seed?

    I was just wondering what is SASE? Herbgardener
  7. Herbgardener

    Seed train like on BYC?

    What color are your cosmos?
  8. Herbgardener


    I have recently read about cardoon and I would like to know if anyone has grown it. Is it hard to grow? Can it be grown in zone 5? And what I really want to know is do the stems taste like artichokes? Herbgardener
  9. Herbgardener

    help with gladiolas

    I planted glads last spring and now I am digging up the bulbs. Do I need to store them in the dark? Can I just store them in a bucket? Is it okay to store them downstairs if it might be a little damp? Do I need to trim the tops off? Will mice eat the bulbs? Thanks, Herbgardener
  10. Herbgardener

    How do you tell if a watermelon is ripe?

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Herbgardener

    How do you tell if a watermelon is ripe?

    This year we found a lot of volunteer watermelons in our yard so we planted them in our garden. Well now we have a problem. We calculated as best as we could the time until they would be ripe by a seed package. We picked the first one. It was very large and looked good. It also sounded...
  12. Herbgardener

    Roasting peanuts?

    How salty should the water be and how long do you boil them? seedcorn, that sounds interesting! I might have to try that.
  13. Herbgardener

    Today's harvest

    Lovely! I can't wait until our garden starts going! :D
  14. Herbgardener

    roses and more

    Lovely! I just love roses I hope mine will bloom this year!
  15. Herbgardener

    Orange mint lemon mint

    I have been reading in some books and some of them say that orange and lemon mint are the same thing just with two names is that the truth??
  16. Herbgardener

    hoodat your PM box is full!!!

    I bought lemon grass from you and I need your address to send you the payment. Please PM me :)
  17. Herbgardener


    I need to get in contact with hoodat so I can send him a payment. His message box is full and I have e-mailed him several times and have not got a reply. What can I do??? :(
  18. Herbgardener


    I read that ranunculus only grow in zones 8-10 is it possible to dig up the bulb and store it some where through the winter? Thanks in advance!
  19. Herbgardener


    Ohhh... sorry I just didn't know if you left a little of the stem. :) Herbgardener :)
  20. Herbgardener


    Thanks! Just one question what is a corm?? THANKS AGAIN!!!!! Herbgardener