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  1. farmerlor

    Pinetree Garden Seeds~ UPDATE! Five Star Rating....

    I've ordered from Pinetree seeds for several years now and I just adore their seeds. If you only try one thing get the bag of lettuce mix. My kids didn't know what salad was until they tasted one made with Pinetree lettuce mix. I get all of my tomato seeds and some of the peppers and melons...
  2. farmerlor

    To Start Seeds Inside or Direct Sow?

    LOL! So true.
  3. farmerlor

    Starting peppers from seed

    I have a handy dandy little "grow room" that Greg built for me downstairs in the furnace room. It's got a space heater in it so I run the temp in the room up to almost 80. My secret for perfect germination of pepper seeds? Put the seed in the starter soil, water, leave in nice warm grow room...
  4. farmerlor

    dumb canning question

    Actually, the home canned things I make are superior in every way to any commercially canned thing I used to buy. This fall I took fresh tomatoes out of the garden. In one day they went from being on a vine in the sun to spaghetti sauce. I'm telling you, you can taste that sun-warmed tomato...
  5. farmerlor

    Have you named your farm or garden?

    Our farm is named for my horse. We rescued a PMU mare who was destined to be slaughtered so we call the farm Fiona's Rest.
  6. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    LOL! Sounds like you did a wonderful job this year. And I do believe I'll have myself a Black Krim right along side you. Aren't they the best? I keep thinking I need to narrow down the number of breeds of tomatoes that I plant but when I think about giving up my wonderful Caspian Pink...
  7. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    That's why I call him "most wondrous man". I tell him I can't grow tomatoes here in this evil, cold, wind tunnel state and he builds me a micro-climate so I can have my beloved tomatoes. Gotta love this guy.
  8. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    Here is my wondrous hoophouse:
  9. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    No, I'm down on the Palmer divide. The Wyoming border would be a real wind-up from here. I confess that I could not do ANY of the tomato growing that I do were it not for the super-O cool-O hoop house that most wondrous man made for me. It allows me to start my tomatoes earlier and not worry...
  10. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    We're on the eastern plains at 6800 feet. We had a cool, wetter than normal summer. My Thessalonikis came from my tomato lovers email group seed savers. Most of my seeds come from there or from Gary Ibsen at Tomato fest.
  11. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    I'm sorry, I do not have Amish Gold seeds at this time. We did not grow them this year and my seeds from last year seem to have gone missing. If you're talking about Gary's seeds at Tomatofest though, that's where I get most of my seeds. I guarantee you that it will be worth the 15 dollar...
  12. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    Let's see.....the Black Krim is a wonderful tasting tomato but it will go from firm to soft in about a minute if you leave too long on the vine. Mr Stripey is a very nice tasting, FIRM tomato. There are better tasting tomatoes but this one has a nice tomato-ey taste. Cherokee Purple is a good...
  13. farmerlor

    Fears of low acid canning

    The USDA DOES recommend that you add acid to tomatoes being canned even if they are Pressure Canned. The problem with that is that they don't say why. We pressure can green beans with like NO acid and they are okay but not tomatoes? So, with that caveat I will tell you that I have pressure...
  14. farmerlor

    Can I can....?

    You sure can! My canning group has LOTS of BBQ recipes that they can. I may use some of my tomato sauce to do some after I get done making and canning ketchup.
  15. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    We had (note the past tense there) some orange Kellogg's Breakfast tomatoes that were about 3 pounds apiece. BIG ol' tomatoes and SUCH great flavor. They are one of my favorite slicers. I was very impressed with the Brandywines this year too. We've added a lot of amendments to the soil and I...
  16. farmerlor

    freezing tomatoes?

    One more thing about those tomatoes and skins and/or pulp. You can dry that stuff-all of it, don't let any of it go to waste and then make a tomato powder that you can add to anything. You can do the same with carrot peels, celery leaves, anything at all that might normally be trash. The...
  17. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    I had some beautiful, beautiful Thessaloniki Oxhearts this year. I think you can see one in my pic above. Huge, heavy tomatoes with lots and lots of flavorful meat. Definitely going to be a standard in my garden from now on. Another huge, huge tomato that we like is the Caspian Pink...
  18. farmerlor

    Show us your tomatoes!!!!

    Here's my tomatoes from today's picking. I'm getting about 20 pounds every other day or so.
  19. farmerlor

    freezing tomatoes?

    I agree with Pat, I freeze those puppies whole and then just dump 'em in the steam juicer when I'm ready to can. There's a bit more juice to drain off when you freeze them first so be prepared for that either by using a steam juicer or knowing that you'll need to cook your sauce down to reduce...
  20. farmerlor

    Tomato Varieties - Planning for Next Year

    Actually, as someone who cans lots of tomatoes I find Roma tomatoes to be a little mild in flavor. Okay, they're bloody boring, alright? If you want a really BIG, flavorful, canning tomato go for a Mom's Paste, Polish Linguisa, Amish Paste, or Opalka (though these are a little mild too). For...