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    Hi from Montana!

    Welcome from Eastern Washington glad you are here
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    majors 2023 garden

    this is our garden this morning and we have sleet coming down currently. We are planting seeds and getting ready for spring planting.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    Get well soon, and don’t overdo it during the healing process.
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    What's growing in your greenhouse today?

    @catjac1975 , whoa you have tomatoes already… nice. @Ridgerunner , C’mon man. It really looks good But it causes real pain in late March for those of us near the 49th parallel lol. @digitS' , not much in our greenhouse either, we have 12 black currants in pots that are starting wake up for...
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    Grandparent bragging

    @Gardening with Rabbits, the odd thing is DW, DD, and I all had Covid mid January and Thomas never even got the sniffles . But this latest bug going around is infecting everyone here including Thomas, he was the first to get it. I started feeling minor symptoms on Friday and Saturday morning I...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    No backhoe unfortunately ,The bed was prepped in the fall of 2020.I was pretty banged up last spring 2021 so it sat empty last season. I was determined to get it transplanted early this year before the leaf buds broke open. Also had to prune 13 apple trees that were not pruned last winter and...
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    Grandparent bragging

    @baymule ,We have been looking into vitamins and minerals that would help him from starting the downward spiral every time he gets a minor ailment. Our eldest daughter who is Thomas mom used to have bouts of anemia when she was young just not as young as Thomas is. We never thought much about...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Snuck home from work early on Friday and dug up and transplanted 30 everbearing red raspberries along a fence line out back. Yesterday was busy with family stuff all day, today we will gat some more spring work done around here.
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    Grandparent bragging

    Yes that is the problem, his Dr diagnosed him with mono the first time he got sick, but now says there is no way to test him for a chronic condition at his age. Drs cannot diagnose or treat on a hunch like I can lol. What do I know I’m just some old grandpa who would attempt to move mountains.
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    What is the song or poem weighs up how you feel today??

    This is how I feel most days lol
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    Price increases and shortages

    The President warned of a world wide food shortage looming. You know what that means… Better stock up on toilet paper lol.
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    Grandparent bragging

    Thomas has turned it around and is back to eating and drinking thank god. His first bout with this was in late September they said it was Epstein bar aka mono, he was kept out of preschool for 2 months. He went back to pre school and wearing a mask for 4 hours a day. After only 3 days of that...
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    Grandparent bragging

    Here is the latest picture of Thomas he just turned 4 a three weeks ago. He has come down with a mystery illness in the last few weeks and has lost a lot of weight and is miserable and no diagnosis from Drs. He has been to the ER to have IV put in for fluids because he cannot keep anything down...
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    Grandparent bragging

    @Gardening with Rabbits, you sure are winning in the grandchild department. Your granddaughters are beautiful and a grandson on the way. Congratulations
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    Paris is Gone

    Bay I am very sorry that you have suffered such major heart breaks recently. It is clear after following your posts over the years that you pour all of your heart and soul into your family, pets, and animals. I pray the good Lord grants you strength and comfort in your time of need.:hugs
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    Goin' to the Dogs!

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    Your Weather, 2021

    Yes I do know where it is, worked for a tree farm there in school. Haven’t been through there for a long time now.
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    You Shoulda Grown That!

    This season we did not plant any pumpkins or winter squash. Yes you heard that right,what were we thinking. They both are low maintenance and can be harvested all at once at end of season. Last time we make that mistake.
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    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    that is a real beauty
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    Welcome from Eastern Washington state, happy you joined