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  1. Augustmomx2

    What are you planting right now/fall

    I'm in zone 5 as well and planted the things you mentioned below along w/some: Swiss Chard and garlic...I thought about doing carrots as well, but I always have the worst luck! Good Luck w/your fall garden :D
  2. Augustmomx2

    Anyone have this greenhouse?

    Thanks for the info...I was thinking of trying some lettuce, the "cut and grow" type and see how long I could make the harvest last until it got too cold. And then in the Spring to start some seedlings, I have had the worst luck w/seedlings and never enough room :rolleyes:
  3. Augustmomx2

    Scored some garlic bulbs @ the farmers market!

    The woman who I bought them from said "before Halloween" although after this post, I'm thinking early October? Maybe the 3rd, on my mom's bday, that way I'll remember when I planted them! I could just write it down, but I always forget :P
  4. Augustmomx2

    Anyone have this greenhouse?

    Thanks, I'll start searching around for topics :)
  5. Augustmomx2

    Anyone have this greenhouse?

    I earn amazon bucks by completing surveys online & accumulated enough to purchase a pretty simple greenhouse. Just kind of a "starter" to see if I would enjoy it or not. Any experience or suggestions what I could do for fall planting, or extending my harvest? Any info would be greatly...
  6. Augustmomx2

    Scored some garlic bulbs @ the farmers market!

    I have been looking high and low for garlic bulbs to plant this fall. I preferred to get them thru a farmers market, since its local, no shipping fees and its a variety that works well in my climate. My mom convinced me to attend the market near her. I was so excited I ran into the "garlic...
  7. Augustmomx2

    My new lettuce gutters!

    Those are fabulous! :thumbsup Please make sure to post pics when things start growing :D
  8. Augustmomx2

    Baker Creek's Catalog is Fabulous!

    Wow, I have had several catalogs over the past few years and requested a Bakers Creek (due to this forum). I am LOVING the catalog :D It just gives me such joy to look @ all the wonderful pics & descriptions. Its a must-have for me now...but now I have to decide what I'm going to get! :drool
  9. Augustmomx2

    Creating a 2011 Seed Starting & Planting Schedule for Your Zone

    Thanks :thumbsup I was on the search for something like this!
  10. Augustmomx2

    Just in time for Valentine's Day

    Gorgeous! :thumbsup Great pic as well...
  11. Augustmomx2

    Seeds were a bust...I'm going to the greenhouse

    I attempted to start my garden from seed this year. Everything was going good, but I don't have enough light for my tomato plants and they are looking pretty bad :/ Peppers are doing okay and the cukes, zukes and eggplants are still to be determined. Oh well, can't say I didn't try :hu Now I...
  12. Augustmomx2

    ~ Oooooh -- I have Apricots growing on my tree; at long last...!! ~

    Congrats! And good luck Hattie :fl
  13. Augustmomx2

    My New Bunny!

    Oh my gosh, she's sooo cute! I had bunnies growing up when I was younger, and love them :love We had individual bunnies several times and they seemed fine to me :hu BUT I was 10yo at the time :lol:
  14. Augustmomx2

    Free 25 page booklet - Love Your Basil

    Thanks! I love, love basil :D
  15. Augustmomx2


    That is hysterical :lol: and also a great idea...
  16. Augustmomx2

    The Community Garden Project - The Easy Garden Community WEIGHS In!

    What a great spreadsheet and idea :thumbsup I live in a suburban/urban area and this will be perfect! Count me in...
  17. Augustmomx2

    My Silkie's Garden Pad

    How cute :D and what a great way to use space!
  18. Augustmomx2

    Just bought our Envirocycle composter! **Pics added**

    Very cool :D I've never seen that type of composter it :thumbsup Make sure to post pics when you get it!
  19. Augustmomx2

    building a cold frame- need suggestions!!

    Here is a website that I found very helpful" This design seems to be the one my dh was most receptive to. I haven't had mine built yet, but can't wait. Happy Birthday to you & enjoy your present :frow
  20. Augustmomx2

    My mom totally gets me...

    She got it at Menards, a home improvement store that also carries random things (like carseats, sweatshirts) and its my fave :love store. I got the website off of the package for you: