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  1. goatgurl

    Mom is in Hospice Care

    Bay, after being gone for several weeks i signed in this morning to see that your Mom has passed. i am so sorry for your loss. i know you love her dearly and you have done everything you possibly could to honor her wishes. this time last year i was sitting with my mom, who was also on...
  2. goatgurl

    Funky playful or Hideous ? There mine

    think it is way cool but in looking at the post side of the gate i didn't see any way to hang it
  3. goatgurl

    Hurting Today

    to old to cut the mustard??
  4. goatgurl

    Favorite Sounds

    so many favorite sounds, a doe talking quietly to her new born kid, wind in the trees, bull frogs on the pond, owls calling from the pines, hummingbirds buzzing past you to get to the feeder. the whippoorwills call from the deep woods, all tho they aren't as pleasant if they are right close to...
  5. goatgurl

    Baymule's 2015 Garden From Raw Land

    wow, bay have you been working hard or what. I'm just getting caught up with folks after being off the net for so long and the progress you have made is amazing. and your granddaughter is just beautiful! i know that rocking feeling, my granddaughter just presented me with my first great...
  6. goatgurl

    Great Pyrenees Puppy!

    having had lymes dz twice now I've gotten a healthy respect for ticks too. my dd contracted alpha gal from ticks several years back so that she was unable to eat meat from mammals without going into anaphylactic shock and ending up in the er. took them almost 2 years to diagnosis her and in...
  7. goatgurl

    What Color is Your Front Door ?

    i built my tiny little house 18 months and was going to leave the door dark brown to match the trim on the house but ended up painting it a forest green. i like it
  8. goatgurl

    stinky tom cat

    have you tried good old vinegar? I've used it before after a cat lover moved out of a rent house. after the pickle smell was gone so was the cat pee smell. good luck.
  9. goatgurl

    Buyer for our House; Southern Style

    if i remember correctly @baymule was right in the middle of filling your alert box when you stepped away for a few days, right ridgerunner?
  10. goatgurl

    Mobile Home Goddess

    congratulations on the new granddaughter!! Catherine is a beautiful name. see ya when the internet is on in the new house.
  11. goatgurl

    Great Pyrenees Puppy!

    are you there yet, huh, huh, huh? are you there yet.?
  12. goatgurl

    Great Pyrenees Puppy!

    yup you and they will. i can't imagine how crazy your life is right now. it will all come together before long. in a month you'll be sitting outside with paris on one side and trip on the other and youall will be smiling and enjoying just being. (then you'll get up and start digging in the...
  13. goatgurl

    Mobile Home Goddess

    sounds like your getting there bay. hate that the closing was put off a week. how is your mom settling in?
  14. goatgurl

    Great Pyrenees Puppy!

    you will note that at 2 yrs of age miss Katie's tan ears haven't faded much. and you know that Paris was just teaching Trip to mind his manners. Katie did the same thing to Ben but never left a mark on him. didn't take long for him to learn and before long they did wonderful together. Ben's...
  15. goatgurl

    Great Pyrenees Puppy!

    @baymule, congratulations!!! he is just gorgeous. and since my Katie is a purebred Maremma and i love the way she does her job you know i think the half and half combo is great. good job DH!
  16. goatgurl

    GASP! Sheep Kidnapping! =0

    just don't call her spot because of her ear spot.
  17. goatgurl

    Happy (or not) Groundhogs Day.

    lots of ground hogs where i lived in West Virginia and they have followed me down to Arklahoma in the past few years so hang on baymule, they are on their way to texas.
  18. goatgurl

    How do You Use Ginger ?

    thanks for the good info Nyboy, I've just kept mine in the house but i have a place I'm going to try some outside this year. how's your tummy?
  19. goatgurl

    How do You Use Ginger ?

    yup. what thistlebloom said about peeling it, just scrape it with the side of a spoon. and as pulsegleaner said it is easy to grow. i had some on the shelf that sprouted so i put it in some dirt, watered it ever so often and taadaa, fresh ginger. i love the stuff. slice it really thin for...
  20. goatgurl

    Happy (or not) Groundhogs Day.

    DS and i got up before daylight this morning to go ground hog hunting to make sure that giant rat didn't see his shadow but we failed miserably! dang him and sunlight! (crying softly) i don't think i can stand 6 more gray dreary weeks of this.