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    What did you can (freeze, dehydrate, preserve) today?

    Canned 6 Quarts of stewed tomatoes, dehydrated a bunch of apples.
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    Deer proof crops?

    I planted a punch of sunflowers around the house and the deer eat the tops off before they flower. I added a 2nd scarecrow tonight. Last night they ate a green pumpkin that was on a runner that escaped the fenced in garden. Deer have never touched my rhubarb or horseradish.
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    Deer proof crops?

    I did some research and asparagus is supposed to be deer proof. I've also noticed a guy a few miles away from me, has a couple thousand square feet of asparagus unfenced in a field away from his house.
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    Cat litter box :((

    I've used with success spruce needles to keep cats out of a garden.
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    Deer proof crops?

    What crops have you planted that are deer proof? The deer have never touched my bird house gourds, potatoes, onions and garlic. They will nibble on my tomatoes, summer squash and winter squash, pumpkins. Next year I'm looking to expand my garden and plant all the deer proof stuff outside my...
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    Tillage discs or Plow and Cultivator?

    Next year I'm looking to expand my 50x60 garden to over an acre in size. I'm wondering what would work better initially to plow up the lawn and then maintain a garden year after year. Tillage discs or a plow and cultivator. I have an old fashioned push cultivator for weeding so a tractor...
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    What's a good heirloom seed catalog?

    What is a good heirloom seed catalog that you order from? Next year I'd like to be able to save our seeds and grow our vegetables instead of reordering every year. Or having random mutant seeds germinating in the garden that who knows what they will turn into. Thanks in advance for any info.
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    What did you pick today?

    snow peas, lettuce and strawberries.