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    Dream garden/chicken coop setup

    It's another one for the "honey do list!" :clap
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    Dream garden/chicken coop setup

    Ann -- I just read the thread about the moat and sent the idea on to my husband. With all the wild critters we have around here, and the grasshoppers that visited us last summer, I'm thinking the moat idea might be great for us. Here's the thread if anyone else is interested...
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    Hurray! for spring!

    Boo hoo! :hit We got at least an inch of snow today. Spring hasn't arrived here yet.
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    What do you use for YOUR raised beds?

    Wow, thanks for the pallet idea. We have a stack of them sitting in front of our new house that the stone company failed to come and pick up. They may just end up in our garden instead. Great idea! :bee
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    Dream garden/chicken coop setup

    Thanks, Natalie, for pointing me back to BYC. In all the reading I've done, I've missed that thread. I'll look it up!
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    Gardening and Animals

    You are all doing what I've been thinking about. Incorporating fruit trees, chickens and a lovely garden. I'll really look forward to seeing how things turn out for all of you. AND, starting the work on our place. :rose
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    Dream garden/chicken coop setup

    From the time I found this article on the internet, it's been my idea of the perfect garden/chicken coop setup! Husband said it looked like a terrific idea! and that having chickens would be great. He's been working on another project but...
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    Ingenious idea for adding space to garden

    That is such an interesting idea. It reminded me of something a local nursery does here. They use rain gutters attached to the walls of their greenhouses. It looks extremely attractive and seems to work really well. Michele.
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    Upside down tomatoes

    I'm going to try Jung's red tumbling tomatoes this year hanging from my deck. Should be fun!
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    What is your quirky way to plant potatoes?

    Has anyone tried growing potatoes in a garbage can? :coolsun
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    Gardening and Animals

    I joined! Gardening with animals! what could be more fun. I've looked at the site before but this topic is what I'm really interested in. Happy to be here! Michele. :throw