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  1. so lucky

    Thought of TEG Cat Owners

    Ducks, the new kitten looks like a tortiseshell to me, with the somewhat limited view of his squirmy little body in your video. If so, I know you know that a male tortie would be a rare happening. How about another pic of him/her?
  2. so lucky

    Pineapple grown in the greenhouse

    Catjac, how long did it take to go from planting the cut-off top, to getting an edible fruit? I have grown the tops before, but they became so huge and unmanageable with no sign of trying to send up a center stalk, I ended up throwing in the compost.
  3. so lucky

    Throw away Downey Unstoppables!!

    Why, oh why are humans so obsessed with "nice" smells? We probably all have our own horror stories about having to sit next to a heavily-perfumed (allergy-inducing) person at work, or needing to avoid a whole wing at the mall because of the Bath and Body Works stench. I think that the user's...
  4. so lucky


    Steve, have you ever visited or ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs? They are based in Eugene, I believe. I have visited and purchased from them. Nice people and good products, from my experience.
  5. so lucky

    Your Weather 2023

    We've had lots of high winds, but no actual bad weather. It was 72 and windy yesterday, and 68 and calm today. Windy again now.
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    Oh, a quick search says the blue zone refers to Costa Rica, where people live a long time and are happy and healthy. I've heard of this phenomena before.
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    GWR, maybe he was using real olive oil and real garlic.
  8. so lucky


    I had an uncle who would drink instant coffee made with hot tap water. City water, at that, lol.
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    If you want something done right...

    @AMKuska, what kind of foot pedal do you have on your machine? In trying to restore some old machines, I found that some foot pedals only work when the electrical circuit is complete. It has only one speed: Fast or stop. Others, a bit more expensive, have variable speed controls that work like a...
  10. so lucky


    I had so much damage from voles and other ground critters that it was hardly worth growing sweet potatoes. And then finding a nest of black widow spiders when I dug them was off-putting. Do you not see your plants flowering? They do look like a morning glory flower. I used the leaves in...
  11. so lucky


    Flowerbug, have you read "The Day the World Came to Town"? It's about Newfoundland having to host the stranded flights that couldn't land in USA after 9/11. It's very good, short, non-political, heart-warming.
  12. so lucky

    How old are the seeds you just bought?

    Keep in mind that the viability of the seed is only one factor of whether it will germinate and grow. Moisture of the soil, temperature and light availability also could make or break your germination. To keep moisture available to direct-sown seeds, you could cover the watered-in (seeded) bed...
  13. so lucky

    Santa Delivered

    My twice-a-week yoga and daily dog walks are all I do right now. Really need to get back to the gym. During hot weather, when it was so dry, I would get out at 6:00 am or so, before traffic started on the dusty gravel road that we walk on. Now, with all the rain, I just do it when I can dodge...
  14. so lucky

    Protective Growing (simple/easy)

    Didn't someone on here do a hoop house with cattle panels? I don't even know if they come in a length that would work. 20 feet or so?
  15. so lucky

    Protective Growing (simple/easy)

    Looks good! I made what you are calling a "hoopie" a few years ago. It was mostly to keep already growing greens growing through the winter. Worked pretty well, but voles loved the heated salad bar I had provided for them. I had just read "4 Season Garden" and had some enthusiasm worked up. It...
  16. so lucky

    Reina, Baymule’s Horse

    I have a feeling she won't be "hard to catch" very long, Bay. She's very pretty already; she'll be a real beauty after you do your magic.
  17. so lucky


    In the hospital it's probably a boullion cube.
  18. so lucky

    Joy in the Little Things

    One of my rare visits here; just saw you had knee replacement surgery, @baymule. I hope you have a quick recovery. I'll be thinking of you.
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    My first thought on waking is "Oww!" Then "I need to pee" Then "I need coffee!" I guess that's three thoughts.
  20. so lucky

    Ice Tea

    I'll bite, but I won't be much help. I don't drink iced tea. It has an astringent effect that makes me even more thirsty. Water for me! Hot tea is ok, though.