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  1. bills

    growing potatoes

    You aware that you should continue to add soil, as the green top grows up, right?
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    I have never seen any spread of asparagus, other then perhaps by..hmmm, say 18 inches, from the original root. New ferns showing up are generally from seeds dropped. I top dress my bed in the fall with chicken manure, and maple leaves for mulch. The bed is over 10 years old now, and still...
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    You aren't gonna believe this!!

    I wonder if mothballs thrown here and there around the area, may act a deterrent? Might also help with the smell..if you don't mind camphor.
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    ENDED - Official TEG Caption Contest - Win a BYC 2016 Calendar!

    "That's it..that's it..only a few more inches to the..Whoa !..easy with the flash buddy, I'm trying concentrate here!
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    What Did You Cook and Eat From Your Garden Today?

    I couldn't believe it when my adult son, who has moved back in with us while attending university, came home with a big bunch of Kale that he bought. When I told him that I have oodles of Kale in the garden, he was shocked that it would still be growing after the below 0 weather, and recent...
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    Look what I found!

    I volunteer as a bartender at the local Fraternal Order of Eagles, where one lady always orders wine with cranberry juice, and a shot of soda water. I guess that's spritzer like.. Yes, BC's Okanagan, has been producing some wonderful award winning wines. Here on the Island, some areas have a...
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    If you could grow ONLY TWO vegetable types, what would you grow and why?

    A friend of mine who lives in an apartment, grew spuds in a green garbage bag this year..Not a great yield, but I love the inventiveness..
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    Looking For Trailer Adapter Photos added

    Seedcorn nailed it.. I've only used the hitch hole for the ball on my John Deere, with all the equipment I've ever used for the garden tractor. They all come with pin connectors, so I don't even have a ball for the tractor...
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    Look what I found!

    Richard, I have to confess I have never made wine at home. I've enjoyed the wine made from juice at our local U-Brew for years. They were the ones that pointed out the variance in cork quality, and how long a batch would keep depending on the cork chosen. Very few of the bottles of (red) wine...
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    Something about Scotch Kale

    About the only way I can get family members to eat Kale, is to cook and mash it with potato's, or chop it up and add it to a stew, or soup. Personally I like it fine just steamed, with a little drizzle of Oyster sauce, and pepper, but no point in making a pot just for myself. My neighbor avails...
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    Look what I found!

    Must have used some really good quality corks, if it is still drinkable. That's often the downfall of homemade wines.
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    If you could grow ONLY TWO vegetable types, what would you grow and why?

    It would depend on if one wanted to eat fresh stuff, or to preserve it for winter eating. Beans vs lettuce type of thing. The book Square Foot Gardening, could be very helpful if your growing space is limited. Lots of ideas as to what, and how much to grow.
  13. bills

    Oddly small Squash!

    Ooooh..lucky chickens..About the only thing they get from my squash are the seeds and It's rare here to have leftovers, that aren't consumed the next day. Maybe you will have to disguise leftover squash in a soup, or stew to fool the DH into eating it.. It blends in well, and if you...
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    Bucket gardening??

    An excellent book with advice on how many plants of a particular type can successfully be planted in a small area, is "The Square Foot Gardener" by Mel Bartholomew It wasn't written for container planting in particular, but I would think many of the same factors would apply. I have grown...
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    Six Month Old Chickens

    Traditionally, I have kept sex-links, because of their higher egg production, and friendly nature, but they are pretty small for the pot. The Black-rock hens, (which were had given to me), were actually pretty good egg producers, and twice as heavy meat wise. I found them to be fairly...
  16. bills

    How Were Your Tomatoes This Year?

    My tomato crop was poorer than previous years. I am to blame though, as unfortunately in the super heat, and long dry spell we experienced, the plants dried out a couple of time on me. Not good..That's a problem when using containers. You really need to water twice a day, and I just didn't make...
  17. bills

    Green Onions.. Shandong Giant Green Onion

    Wow! Almost look like leeks..those are beauty's. Did you plant the seedlings deep, or mound soil on them as they grew? Not often you see such a long blanched stalk like those ones.
  18. bills

    Behold the World's Ugliest Pumpkin!

    Reminds me of the Lobster mushroom, which can be any mushroom that's infected with a parasitic fungus, that changes the original shape and color dramatically. Apparently many of them are considered a delicacy..
  19. bills

    All Those Green Tomatoes

    I usually make a Chutney..lots of recipes for them on the internet. Similar to relish, but a tad spicier. Try putting the green ones in a plastic bag with a couple of apples to quicken the ripening. Pears work as well, as they also give off ethylene gas. Commercial growers use ethylene to...
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    Cucumber recall

    Fortunately most healthy people can survive samonella. E-coli is the bad one. Pre-packaged salad greens have been known to be a problem, and should always be washed. I worry about the proper handling of salad greens at restaurants. Are they always washing it before serving, or is it straight...