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    Big tall nut tree…but what nut??? 😊

    Hello Not sure if I have enough info or took enough pictures but hoping someone can help. I have this very large, tall tree in my yard. It looks to be some type of nut tree. Looks like clusters of green pods on the tree and I’m starting to find the brown nuts on the ground. Curious if I can...
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    Big, tall tree with dark berries. HELP 😁

    Thank you. The wine comment also tells me I don’t need to worry that the berries might be poisonous. 😁
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    Big, tall tree with dark berries. HELP 😁

    Hello We have a very large tree in our backyard that has some dark bluish purple round berries with a single pit in them. We live on Long Island in NY. Hoping you all can help me identify it. Really appreciate any assistance! Be well. Liz
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    Greetings from Long Island, NY

    Hello. Happy to have found you all. Looking forward to some help identifying some trees and plants in my yard. Liz