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  1. Dirtmechanic

    Chemistry for Farmers 1860

    Well I left it as the droning began to remind me of the classicly lazy Steven Wright joke that he kept a life size map of the world in his back yard.
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    What do I put in this?

    Morning sun is glorious! It will drain well due to some height, not be overly hot etc. I would love to try a rose setting but actually one of my favorites in a round setting we have was a huge paddle cactus. It took some years to get big though.
  3. Dirtmechanic

    Cigarettes buried in soil 1 year timelapse

    Lol nobody smokes now they use the vape e cigarette devices. Someone showed me one that has a screen for photos and personalization.
  4. Dirtmechanic

    Home Repairs

    That is not water. It is the sealant used to seal the two panes together and retain the nitrogen gas that is under vacuum. It appears later in insulated glass life cycles on some windows. At least your windows are proper and use a metal internal spacer frame. They chose poorly on the sealant as...
  5. Dirtmechanic

    Smoked Salmon Sushi!

    Chili crisp and some sort of Sambal are usually present in my fridge. I made an omelette the other morning that was not really hot but made my scalp tingle. I thought it was a stronger wakeup than coffee.
  6. Dirtmechanic

    Smoked Salmon Sushi!

    Did they feed the kids those snackables treats for lunch? We are raising marshmellows. I hire them. I have 2 right now that are entirely shocked by what customers expect of them. Taking entire classes of children to eat the various foods offered by the world in the local restuerants should be a...
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    Smoked Salmon Sushi!

    I am a fan too!
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    Garden humor thread..

    Lol sweet @Phaedra has that darker humor! Who knew?
  9. Dirtmechanic

    Garden humor thread..

    I think you snailed it.
  10. Dirtmechanic

    Dehydrating Herbs

    Please try something like a dunk in citric acid water before you dehydrate and let me know here 2 years from now how those dried herbs and peppers aged. I had pinapple sage(?) for too long and it went bland. It was a lot of energy $ and work to make it. I suspect a vacuum seal would help if you...
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    Garden humor thread..

    I showed this to my aunt and she sang it out loud as well. It must be a thang.
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    Your Weather 2023

    Yep. North of us and just strong F1 winds. That is enough to find the weak trees and houses in Birmingham suffered the falling trees and loose tin roofing type damage. It is good to take a shovel and tap around a tree trunk to ensure it has a healthy root. Especially on the side opposite your...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Horseshoes. Good luck I guess unless they fall on you.
  14. Dirtmechanic

    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Here are a few of my favorite things.
  15. Dirtmechanic

    Your Weather 2023

    The updated USDA grow zone mapping is available.
  16. Dirtmechanic

    One Alaskans greenhouse

    I remember a small yellow datsun truck Dad owned getting dug out one spring at the airport in Bethel. There was really high drift on it. I saw Anchorage had a snow emergency and thought to myself how is @Alasgun making do?
  17. Dirtmechanic

    Garden humor thread..

    Poops. Even worms have status in the ever ongoing poop evaluations. I am not sure where a politician may fit in but perhaps hot air for greenhouses works for them.
  18. Dirtmechanic

    Baymule’s Farm

    You could push some dirt up on wood like that and make fertile mountain. Of course you may want to move the wood first to somewhere else. Its all the rage the hugelkulture.