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    Greetings from Eastern Washington

    Oh I miss San Francisco! I lived in the City for almost 20 years. Back up here in WA now.
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    Greetings from Eastern Washington

    Thanks for the welcomes! Yes, it has been windy! Cooler is OK with me, I hate heat! LOL I did buy the some seeds the other day so I'd better get with it. (We are Zone 5b/6a here I think.) Digits, you're at the ID/WA border? Me too. I get wishful (for more energy) and probably am way to...
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    Greetings from Eastern Washington

    Here in Eastern Washington state. Trying to get more motivated to garden as I have an acre and several raised beds. I work all the time, though. Good thing is I work from home. I need inspiration and this site is great! I keep chickens and ducks also, so free composted chicken manure is a great...
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    Official TEG Poll: What’s your favorite fertilizer/pesticide alternative?

    I keep chickens and ducks, so I compost the coop pine shavings for the next year's garden. In addition to a compost pile, in the fall I just dump the coop contents on the areas for planting in the spring and it composts beautifully over the winter.