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    So, how was your day?

    Yesterday was one of those beautiful cold bright sunny blue and gold days in the Pacific NW. We seldom get such awesome days out here in Jan. Usually cold, wet, wet, cold, blustery, and oh, yes did I mention wet! :) But for some reason we are being rewarded with this blissfully sunny weather...
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    Planting in a boggy spot

    Hi Curly Have you thought about using raised planting beds for your plants in that boggy area? Blueberries do not like wet feet. Do you have a good gardening book for referencing what likes wetter areas vs dryer planting sites? We have some pretty wet areas here in western Washington so for...
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    Herbs growers?

    Thank you all for your kind replies. Yes, she is sorely missed and her garden does indeed give us a measure of healing. You cannot imagine how many times we have said to each other that she would have loved how it turned out. :) Yes, I will take some pix of it this spring and share it with...
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    Herbs growers?

    We have a very lovely herb garden that was planted as a memorial garden for our sweet daughter Deirdre who passed away from ovarian cancer eleven years ago. It was her dying wish to plant this garden as she loved using different herbs and it had been our plan to plant such a garden that summer...
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    What did you can (freeze, dehydrate, preserve) today?

    Last week I pulled out the last of the frozen raspberries I stashed last summer when there was no time to do preserves. Made up another triple batch of freezer raspberry jam to enjoy. So good you can eat it with a spoon! Which unfortunately I do too often! :) That and the last of the frozen...
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    Where do you buy your seeds?

    Because of our wet climate and short growing season over here on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, we found the very best success getting our seeds from Territorial Seed company in Oregon. They grow and test varieties at the Univ. of Oregon especially good for our wet gloomy climate...
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    Runner that is taking over lawn

    I agree with Reinbeau, what you have are creeping buttercups. Very common here in Washington where we have a lot of wet weather and wet lawn areas. They are officially called western buttercups or ranunculus occidentalis. They are the most common and widespread native species found in open...
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    why I am GLAD that it's so darn cold!

    Hi Lettuce Lady, another Washingtonian here also sick to death of the rain, snow, wind, gloom........flooding........ARGGGHHHHHH!! We live on the Olympic Peninsula. But we could be living where Pat does! And so many others with far worse winters than we endure out here in the Pac. NW. But...
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    found an old rose bush

    So what did you decide to do with the old rose bush?? I am new to this site and was reviewing older questions this morning! :) If this were my find, I would wait until dormancy to move it and then would do so very carefully to ensure damaging the mother plant the least, treating it like you...
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    Anyone with Lavender Experience

    Hi again, I just googled lavender to see if I could find a good site for info about planting. Check out sunshinelavender. They have a great photo gallery of how you would plant a hedge, with step by step directions. Hope this helps you realize your dream. Sounds so pretty! SouthDakotaRose
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    Signs of Spring! (Spring spoiled pictures added!)

    Oh, loved that pix of the emerging tulips! Imagine we all are so hungry for spring and all the yummy gardening that awaits us! Our snow finally melted and I see some tiny daffodils heads poking warily up here and there too. The alder trees are turning pink from new seed heads forming along...
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    Anyone with Lavender Experience

    Loved reading this posting inquiring about growing lavender. I live in the Pacific NW near a little town called Sequim which is also called the lavender capital of the US due to their sunny dry climate and well drained soil. Most of our area is very wet and cloudy but not sunny Sequim...
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    Choke Weed

    Thank you for that info about Roundup. I suggested that to her and another person on that forum said she had tried it and it had not worked very well. What does choke weed look like and how does it grow? What is its botanical name? I use Roundup sparingly on stubborn weeds like dandelion...
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    Choke Weed

    Hello, I am new here and am requesting information on choke weed. There is a friend of mine who is having a terrible problem with this weed and I am not familiar with either the name of it or it. What exactly is choke weed and how does one irradicate it permanently? She wants to put in a...